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Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 Announcement A Welcome Change

Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 Announcement A Welcome Change

In case you missed it (you didn’t) Resident Evil 6 got announced yesterday, sending the internet into a fatal grudge match with itself as fanboys, idiots and professional commentators, each as stupid as the last, got themselves all worked up about the trailer.

Many commented on how action-packed it seemed, as if the last two games, which contained more action than both World Wars combined and sold more copies than any other games in the series, hadn’t tipped them off.

But forget all that: if you want reaction to the content of the trailer, head elsewhere. We’re going to talk about the fact that Resident Evil 6 is going to be out this year. This year! Has Capcom lost its mind?

We only ask because it’s the done thing in videogame land to announce games roughly eight years before you release them, to build ‘awareness’ and ‘hype’. The first reveal of RE5 featured little more than Chris Redfield squinting into the sun like a lost tourist. It could have been a trailer for a new series of Benidorm. It was rubbish.

Rubbish, and typical. Almost ever other high-profile (or wannabe high-profile) project starts of with an announcement, then maybe a ridiculously ‘shopped screenshot, then a teaser, then blah blah blah.

So it’s refreshing to see Capcom’s approach with Resi 6, which generally amounts to them saying ‘Yeah, it’s Resident Evil, but a real one this time and not that Operation Raccoon City noise that’s also coming out. Forget that though, because this is the real deal, yo.’ Or something like that.

Not only did Capcom reveal the game, it also threw out loads of details, characters, and even, shock horror, gameplay! Gameplay. It’s a brave new world.

Other companies would have meted this information out over the course of two years. Ohh, a new character! Ohh, a location! Ohh, a hairstyle!

Not in this case however. Somewhere there’s a brand manager crying into his watery bourbon about ‘missed opportunities’ and other such nonsense. But for now, we’ll congratulate Capcom on a job well done.

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  • Cap

    What I find a welcome change from capcom of late would be for this game to only be released the one time and have no day 1 dlc released.

  • tom

    resident evil is dead this one was the final straw .my son loves it but i think resident evil 4
    was the best of all the resident evils resident evil 6 just wont work with me