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Can Sony make us believe there’s no place like Home?

Can Sony make us believe there’s no place like Home?


PlayStation Home is a good idea. No really – it is. I think it was an idea Sony put forward in an honest and forthright fashion, as something they intended to be a genuine way of changing how we actually go about playing our games on PS3. But I don’t think it’s a push to say it’s never really taken off – at least not in the way Sony wanted.

But that hasn’t stopped the company from keeping Home going, from updating it constantly and from – sometimes – offering elements that make those of us who have all but forgotten about it sit up and say “so that’s what’s good about it!”

For example, recent weeks have seen additions like the obvious ones: new costumes, clothing and whatever else, and they’ve seen slightly more interesting, though still very basic additions – like the ability to purchase pool tables for your home space. These are the exact things that have turned people off from Home – and that’s without even mentioning the endless cold, heartless advertising spaces that pop up.

But there was one thing that Sony created for Home the other week that really did grab my interest. It made me think – once more – that there is actually potential for the social experience, or whatever you want to call it. It was Sony’s E3 booth space, which let… players?… get involved with Sony’s E3 show floor experience – though this did just amount to watching trailers and Sony’s press conference.

Still, it was a sign of things that are actually good and worthwhile about Home. But that’s the problem – we’re approaching two years down the line and we’re still only seeing signs of what could make it great. We’re still waiting to be inundated with the type of content that forces us to be interested.

Until that time comes, I honestly think Home will not be able to drag itself out of the realms of being a curiosity, rather than an essential part of the PS3’s online experience. The E3 booth was a big step in the right direction, though, so I’m hopeful for the future.

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  • Joey

    I aggree completely. I got the Home Beta two years ago and thought it had so much potential and as soon as it is publicly released it will take off like shit from a shovel. But it was released and is still remaining to take off now years later.
    I was relatively new to online gaming then and was amazed at how i could play pool with an Austrian or play bowling with a Hungarian so effortlessly. I thought that the PS3s new generation of gamers would love the idea but surprisingly not, maybe it’s too cold and dull or download times being so long that put people off or the approach Sony took with it but I am still surprised at how little people care.
    In the early days i went on often to see updates etc but now i go on only once in a blue moon. Theres so little talk about it
    Really Home has the potential to change peoples gaming experience but is just unfortunately dull and full of French peadophile’s with female avatars.

  • Allen

    once when i was at Home (ps3 not real life) i added this dude who only had 1 game and that was R & C quest for booty and he kept saying MW2 is awesome WTF?