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Calling All Cars to call no more online

Calling All Cars to call no more online


Calling All Cars is no more online. The early PSN game, which we awarded a fine 81%, had its servers shut down on Wednesday after being active for just under three years. The crime caper car-’em-up never really found its feet online, bar a very small dedicated few, so we’re not hugely surprised it’s gone the way of the dodo. And neither is David Jaffe, creator of the game, who has gone and posted a eulogy for the game on his blog.

Speaking in his normal, guarded, PR-speak fasion, Jaffe said:

“I’d say she had a good run online, but she really didn’t. With the exception of the first few hours when the game hit PSN, there were never more than 3-5 people playing at a time. Until tonite, that is, when a handful of loyal CAC supporters came out to say their goodbyes. Thanks for that, ya’ll.”

Ah, no – we mean “his usual, frank manner”. Jaffe goes on to perform an autopsy on the game (it’s not dead, you just can’t play it online), saying while it wasn’t what he always hoped it would be, he still had fun. As did we all, David. As did we all.

Read the rest of Jaffe’s heartfelt ramblings here.

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  • Garan

    This leaves the question,what game will be next?

  • Dave Moore

    not just that.i purchased heavey weapon and nobody is playing it online,if the server for that is shut do i get a refund?