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Call of Duty: Vita’s Killer App?

Call of Duty: Vita’s Killer App?

So, the Vita’s out. Did you buy one? Yes? Good for you, get back to playing it. But maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’re waiting for the price to come down? Or…waiting for a killer app for the system that’s not got the word Uncharted in it?

Maybe the words…Call of Duty?

The world-crushing, money-gobbling monolith is already confirmed to be heading to the Vita later this year. We wonder, however, just what sort of difference it would have made to the Vita’s yet-to-be announced launch period sales numbers if it had been available from the start.

Especially if it was a mobile version of the home game, with online multiplayer, and not one of those horrible in-name only kind of jobs that have gone before.

That would be pretty awesome, right? Jumping into multiplayer anywhere you are: the toilet, a meeting, the (probably have to be wi-fi equipped) train or bus. Maybe it could share stats with the home version, like we’re living in some kind of crazy sci-fi future.

We don’t know that these things will actually be in it of course: we aren’t developing it. But as convergence seems to be at the heart of what Vita is about, why wouldn’t both Sony and Activision want you to be able to spend you whole entire life playing Man-Shoot 3?

That’s right, they’d love it.

Not that this would have a definite impact on sales, but you would have thought it would have helped. Sony’s touting the Vita having the ‘best’ launch line up ever. Subjective, but a console with COD and FIFA on it at launch would have been special. Then again, with a price cut and COD for Christmas…

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