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Brutal Legend Suit Settled

Those of you looking forward to Rocktober and the release of Brutal Legend can breath a sigh of relief because the suit between the game’s developers Double Fine and Activision, who previous held the rights to publish the game, has been settled. Activision’s legal team has told the court in Los Angeles where the dispute was being handled that a settlement has been reached.

The exact details of the settlement have yet to be revealed. Activision had been claiming that it still held the rights to publish Brutal Legend despite seemingly having dropped it after the Vivendi/Activision merger. Development of the game continued however and it was later picked up by EA. Last week the judge overseeing the Activision, as well as the countersuit from Double Fine claiming the legal action was intended to protect sales of Guitar Hero 5, told Activision he didn’t fancy his chances (you can read that story HERE)

Now it would seem a deal has been done to keep everybody happy, most of all us, the gaming public as Brutal Legend is free to be released on October 16 as planned. Should any more details be revealed we’ll let you know.

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