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Brütal Legend DLC free on PSN

Brütal Legend DLC free on PSN


EA and Double Fine have not only announced DLC for recently released metal odyssey Brütal Legend, but have also revealed that for a short time it will be available for free on the PlayStation Network. From its launch on November 5 to November 19 the Tears of the Hextadon map pack will be free to PSN subscribers, becoming £3.99 thereafter.

Tears of the Hextadon includes new maps for playing online or against computer AI called Circle Of Tears and Death Fjord. The first is an isolated island surrounded by water and the second is a snowy mountain pass with wide open battlefield. “I play Brütal Legend online every night,” Tim Schafer, President of Double Fine Productions said in a press release. “And I need more maps! Circle of Tears is named after the crying of my vanquished foes on the battlefield, and Death’s Fjord is obviously a tribute to my Nordic ancestors, and their love of fan geysers and… Well, actually I just thought the name was cool. See you online!”

The DLC is also available on Xbox 360, if you care, for 400 MS points. So if you’re rocking out to Brütal Legend right now and have plowed through the single-player game nice and quick then the timing really couldn’t be better.

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