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Brütal Legend DLC Brings Maps, Trophies And BEARDS!!!

Brütal Legend DLC Brings Maps, Trophies And BEARDS!!!


It has been announced that Brütal Legend will be getting some game enhancing DLC this December 17 in the form of the Hammer Of Infinite Fate Pack. It will not only give you some new multiplayer maps to enjoy either online or against the AI, but new features for the single player, new trophies and new outfits for Eddie Riggs.

The multiplayer maps are called The Altar of Blood, Coiled Remains, Crucible of the Titans and Amplified Cliffs and follow the Tears of the Hextadon Pack that gave PSN users the Circle Of Tears and Death Fjord maps for free. The pack also includes some new paint jobs for the Druid Plow (Eddie’s car) and some new weapon upgrades including the Oculus of the Lost, which will point out hidden objects you haven’t found yet. Eddie gets three new outfits as well called Black Metal, Zaulia and Mountain Man. The last adds a very exciting beard. And we do love a beard. Oh, and nine new trophies to go chasing after. Nice.

“I’m excited about the beard, or course, and the new achievements and trophies,” Tim Schafer, President of Double Fine Productions and Brütal Legend creator has said. “But the thing I really can’t wait to get my hands on is that Oculus of the Lost. Using it to find the last Bound Serpent isn’t cheating, because it looks so cool on my car.”

So there you have it. You have Tim Schafer’s permission to cheat look cool. The Hammer Of Infinite Fate pack will be available for $4.99 in the US so expect it to be around £3.99 (no promises though, these things can be tricky to predict). Hopefully the US date of December 17 will be the same for us too.

Via Kotaku

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