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Brink – Quick Tips For Pwning

Brink – Quick Tips For Pwning

On Play we’ve had the fortune to get a lot of time with Brink and despite the PSN downtime we’ve even been able to play it in multiplayer, so I thought I’d suggest a few quick tips that should help you out if you pick it up this weekend.

1. Use grenades wisely
A common complaint we heard early on from our colleagues playing Brink was that they thought the grenades were too weak. It’s true, grenades cannot kill outright and will only incapacitate an enemy at best. That leaves them open to being revived by a medics, but that’s no concern. Think of your grenades as a means of clearing space and dispersing crowds. If a grenade drops into a tight huddle of enemies they will have to clear out the way. That’s your opportunity to pick off stragglers. Grenades are basically crowd control.
Bonus Thought – The soldier’s Molotov cocktails have a much larger blast radius than basic grenades, so keep those in mind too.

2. Crouching Vs Iron Sight
Many of you like myself will have gotten used to the fact that iron sights are generally more accurate than free firing a weapon and the same is true in Brink. However, crouching gives you more or less the same level of stability for short bursts of fire. It obviously decreases your maneuverability, but if you have a good piece of cover or an engineering bot to hide behind crouching can make you deadly.
Bonus Thought – When hacking or fixing something mechanical it may be worth crouching behind the object in question making you harder to hit.

3. Know your classes
The class system in Brink is excellent with every member proving essential to the team. Soldiers hand out ammo and destroy barriers. Medics obviously heal, but also hand out other performance upgrades. Engineers can fix machinery and also make weapons stronger. Operatives can hack as well as perform intel duties in the field. At one time or another you should attempt to play as each of these classes and find out which best suits you. You should also check into your control terminal each time you respawn just to make sure the team is balanced. Do you have the classes you need to complete the primary objective? Is there someone important you should be protecting?
Bonus Thought – Body type can help or hinder a class choice. Lightweight Medics for instance are superb at getting around the battlefield quickly to heal, but will die easily themselves. Heavy Medics on the other hand could take an age to reach their comrades. Think about what body type best suits your skill level and the needs of your team.

4. Know your enemy
We often say you need to know what your enemy is all about, but Brink makes this very easy for you. The class of your opponents is displayed in an icon above their heads when they are in you line of sight. This is good, because you can target specific members of the opposition. For instance Medics are worth taking out first so they cannot heal the rest of the team. In many missions Operatives and Engineers have important tasks to complete so be aware of what the enemy objectives are likely to be and take them out as appropriate.
Bonus Thought – Know what your enemy is after and booby-trap it. Engineers can place mines that are only visible to allies and enemy Operatives. Place one near a safe that needs opening or a terminal that needs hacking and at the very least you can slow them down.

5. Think about the terminals
Your primary objective is as the name would suggest the most important thing for you to be doing in each mission, however sub-objectives are worth considering. Health and Supply terminals in particular should be captured where possible, although they will change hands a lot. These terminals can increase the health and supply pips of everyone on your team.
Bonus Thought – Operatives and Engineers both have handy skills with regards to terminals that are unlocked from around Rank 2/3 onwards. Operatives can add a firewall to a terminal so that it takes longer for the enemy to take it over again. Engineers can improve a terminal’s efficiency, essentially giving everyone even more health and supplies.

So, there’s just a few things for you to keep in mind. Happy hunting.

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