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Brink, or: The Unluckiest Game In The World

Brink, or: The Unluckiest Game In The World

Spare a thought for poor, blameless Brink this week as you continue to curse Sony so violently for the lack of PSN services. Sure, you’re missing out on your Black Ops and whatever few other pieces of crap you play online, but Splash Damage’s shooter is launching this week.

They couldn’t have had worse luck if they tried. Even if Bethesda had gone out of its way to pick the worst week imaginable to release a game reliant on online connectivity, it wouldn’t have been as bad a pick as this week looks like it might be.

So spare a thought for Brink in this tough, onlineness time for PS3 owners. I genuinely hope the game does well, even if that does mean massive 360 sales, and I genuinely believe it will find a strong audience on the PC. But those of us standing proud with our PS3s should not forget this gem – I’m not saying buy it now, because there’s no point. But when the PSN returns and we can shoot at and shout at each other across invisible inter-wires again, remember that Brink exists. Don’t let it die a death just because of some prattish hackers.

This all assumes we won’t see online matchmaking back by the end of the week. If we do, Brink regains something of a fighting chance on PS3. But right now, as it stands, I can’t see much happening beyond a massive dent in the game’s sales. Which is annoying, as it’s a really good game.

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  • Joey

    Real pity. I was looking forward to this too. Get it on Playstation assuming PSN will ever be back up. Let’s hope the worst is over with the whole hacking business. Imagine how happy the guys who work for, say, Zipper are. No MAG or Socom online to deal with. Bet they’re the only people happy with the hack, long Easter holidays.

  • the bossman

    I take it Ian wrote this article? He is a brilliantly funny writer. An article a few months back about finding love online on PS3 via DC Universe Online was the funniest article I’ve read in fking years. He is funny in videos too, wonder if there’s anything he can’t do. keepfit *COUGH*

  • Ian Dransfield

    Ah, thanks. But Ryan wrote the finding love thing. He’s *almost* as funny as me, I suppose.

  • Joey

    Never mind finding love on DC Universe, it looks like you’ve found it here.

  • the bossman

    It’s hard to differentiate between you and Ryan, Ian, with your writing. Both very funny reads. 😀

  • Dan..

    Do not spare a thought for brink.. ive never been more dissapointed with a game in my life.. bought it thinking the ideas of a free running colourful shoot em up was brilliant but the game play and variety are both rubbish and boring … worst game ive bought in a while