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Bring Back Cool Boarders

Skateboarding is dead! Not the actual past-time as far as I’m aware, but skateboarding games. Skate 3? Tony Hawk: Shred? Shaun White’s Skateboarding? Dead, dead, dead. But you knew that because you read my blog about Skateboarding Being Dead (dead, dead).

This isn’t going to be another boo-hoo-hoo blog because it’s no fun being the grim reaper for a gaming genre. That goes double on a Friday, when it’s more fun to get away without doing any work on in the afternoon because it’s a weird tradition, saying “thank GOD it’s Friday!” rather than “okay” when asked how you are and getting Burger King for lunch because it’s the end of the week and health is over-rated anyway.

So let’s talk about a game that should come back. Cool Boarders. It was the very first game I played on my PlayStation (having been a Saturn adopter previously) and although it wasn’t the best game around at the time, it was strangely fun. It was based around an archaic gameplay mechanic of pre-winding jumps. When you held X, you charged your jump, with the trade-off being that you couldn’t move. So ideally, you’d learn courses inside out, so you’d know when you could aim for jumps and start charging without hitting any obstacles or needing to turn.

Most games from the early life of a new console tend to date quickly and Cool Boarders is definitely one of them. It makes me feel ancient looking back at it and remembering more of it than I should. I’m probably coming across as a gaming Yoda reminiscing about old games all the bloody time but in the spirit of yesterday’s bring-old-TonyHawk-back-on-PSN, Cool Boarders should make a similar journey.

And please don’t bring up the sequels. Cool Boarders 2, fine. You can have that. Cool Boarders 3? No. No no no no no.


For what it’s worth and because it’s vaguely related, here’s a video of one of my favourite gaming moments ever. SSX 3 was made up of single challenges, races and stunt courses dotted around a single mountain. This was good enough and made for a brilliant game but the final challenge was a real surprise – you had to race down the entire mountain in a single time-trial. The whole thing took about half-an-hour and when you completed it, you really did feel like you had just exerted total dominance over a videogame. Pretty damn awesome and fingers crossed, the rumours of a new SSX being inbound will amount to the return of Elise and co on PS3…

  • Sean

    An article on a saturday, u guys ok? And with regards to the article, yes I agree.

  • Paul

    Totally agree ! I loved SSX3 so let’s get it back on the PSN. Perhaps they will follow the route of some other recent games and give you it for free on the disc for the new game ? Let’s hope !