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Borderlands – “We Made It For The Gamers”

Borderlands – “We Made It For The Gamers”


Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford has given his explanation of why he thinks Borderlands has been such a successful launch; he made it for gamers. Seems like an obvious thing to do, but Pitchford seems to think developers are getting scared of making their games for traditional audiences, hoping to bring in the elusive ‘casual’ crowd.

“Perhaps Borderlands can be a lesson for all of us — that when making a videogame, we should not be afraid to identify gamers as the audience,” he told IGN. “I wonder if too frequently publishers and developers are so caught up with going after new, untapped audiences that they can forget to care for the largest, most loyal and reliable audience there is — the current gamer.”

The results really speak for themselves. Solid review scores across the board, excellent word of mouth and sales in excess of two million worldwide as of December. There’s even been talk of a Borderlands 2 and plenty of DLC support in the mean time.

“We are investing a lot of time in supporting the game with free updates and paid downloadable content,” Pitchford continued. “There will be some announcements on both fronts soon, I expect,. We have a lot of motivation to do more with the game and have a lot of lessons we’re applying not only to our immediate efforts, but to our ambitions for the future.”

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  • Tom

    gamers are stupid..i like hannah montana games and pony ds games

  • Rick

    good game although i prefer super kitty playhouse.id give it an 8 out of 10.check out super kitty playhouse…AMAZING!!!!