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Borderlands 2 officially announced? No.

Borderlands is brilliant and I love it dearly. I want to see a sequel, and I expect to see a sequel at some point. But Randy Pitchford’s statement to VG247, widely quoted out of context as:

“I’m sure Duke will have some demands of me and I’ve gotta work on Borderlands 2, right?”

Is absolutely not, as many parts of the internet seem to be claiming, ‘confirmation’ of the game. It is certainly not, as other parts are claiming, ‘official’. It is quite clearly an off-the-cuff statement; a bit of a tease to the gaming public. Something you raise a wry smile at and exclaim: “Oh, Randy, you cad!” to.

Just to confirm this, let’s take a look at what he said to another publication – Gamrfeed on VGChartz – on the subject of Borderlands 2:

“We love Borderlands, so you can imagine we’re going to do more with that. What we’re doing and how we’re doing it, we’re figuring that out. We obviously haven’t announced anything yet.”

So yeah, no real extended point here or discussion of things. Just a hearty ‘please shut up, The Internet’. Wait until it’s actually time to get excited before we all start getting excited.


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