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Best Games On PlayStation Move

Best Games On PlayStation Move

We know, we know. Move hasn’t had the best start to date, as it hasn’t quite found the killer app it needs to grab the attention it desperately desires.

Even so, Sony has added Move support to plenty of its games while other publishers have also had a crack and there are some titles which use the peripheral particularly well.

Here are the best examples so far – whether you agree or disagree, share your own Move gems with us in the comments section…

Killzone 3

The best Move game to date. It’s entirely optional whether you use the peripheral but it’s been so effective, that Move is now considered the best way to dominate online, as it allows for better accuracy and much faster aiming. There have been plenty of Move versus DualShock3 arguments but the novelty, the accuracy and the way it genuinely changes the way the game is played makes Move a surprise winner.

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise

An upgraded port of the Wii classic, it wasn’t much of a surprise to see No More Heroes receive Move support given the original relied on the Wii remote for some aspects of the combat. Although Move support doesn’t entirely replicate what the Wii remote previously controlled – the mini-games in particular are hit and miss affairs – it’s still one of the better uses of the peripheral currently on PlayStation3.

Yoostar 2

The pointer doesn’t particularly add anything here, as Yoostar 2 is all about the camera, using it to drop you in famous scenes of various films. It’s also responsible for one of our favourite Play moments:


The game itself is a little drab and uninspired but the Move implementation at least adds something and we don’t mean arm fatigue. As with Killzone 3, it allows for far more accuracy and the squad commands are smartly mapped to the buttons on the peripheral too. It’s not quite as instinctive or as easy to pick up as Killzone 3, as there’s more involved than just pointing and shooting, but it’s still a good example of how Move adds something to the game.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Finally, there’s Time Crisis. Without Move, it’s a bad, bad game, as you can imagine when you play a light-gun game without a light-gun. With Move? It’s a fair replica of what you used to play in the arcades all those years ago, even if the formula has weathered with age and it’s not even close to being the best entry in the series. Still, it’s Time Crisis. You know what you’re getting. But only if you play it with Move…

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  • Sid

    I know the game it self isn’t amazing, but i’d just like to add to this list MAG, for the same reasons as Killzone 3. On my first try on MAG with move, I came top and won the game 🙂

  • Christoff

    Are people still playing MAG? lol