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Be The Origami Killer In Heavy Rain DLC?

Be The Origami Killer In Heavy Rain DLC?


If you didn’t know Heavy Rain isn’t just coming to us on a disc in February, as it’s also getting a whole bunch of prequel DLC. Each episode of Heavy Rain: Chronicles is thought to be about an hour long and takes a look back at one of the major characters in the game, but the latest talk is that one of those episodes will see you play as the infamous Origami Killer.

So says French website GameBlog.fr, who interviewed Cage recently. According to them, via some not entirely reliable translation, the Origami Killer episode will explore how this mysterious figure became a monster and started their murderous journey. The other confirmed episodes are the Taxidermist scene starring Madison Paige, originally used as a demo for Heavy Rain, which will explain her insomnia and another scene with FBI agent Norman Jayden that will explain his scar and his addiction to triptocaine.

Chronicle One, The Taxidermist will be available post launch or you can get a voucher code with a copy of the Heavy Rain Special Edition when it hits shelves February 26. The rest of the DLC will presumably follow that. And in case you haven’t seen it, here’s an unwrapped photo of the Special Edition to ogle.


Via Joystiq

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