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BBC Tackles Failing PS3s Tonight

WatchdogBBC consumer advice show Watchdog is expected to take the PlayStation 3 and Sony to task tonight over hardware failures that are being dubbed the ‘yellow light of death’. The Watchdog website is currently teasing that it will be looking at “a problem with one of the best known gadgets in the world,” but a statement released by Sony UK’s managing director Ray Maguire has revealed the topic of the investigation tonight and offered his rebuttal to claims he expects to hear.

In a six page letter to the BBC Maguire questioned the basis of the report, which will be aired at 8pm this evening on BBC One and offered figures regarding the hardware failures Watchdog claims it is exposing. “The phrase “yellow light of death” has been adopted by certain members of the online community to describe the situation in which PS3 systems have shut down following the illumination of the yellow light on the PS3’s front panel,” he wrote. “The yellow indicator is simply a non-specific fault indicator that can be triggered in a range of different circumstances. For example, it could indicate a problem caused or exacerbated by the console’s power supply, by overheating, by poor ventilation, by software issues or by any one of a range of issues that may inevitably affect any complex item of consumer electronics.”

He went on to give Sony’s own figures on hardware failures associated with a yellow warning light on the the console and the numbers are very limited. “SCEUK has run searches of its customer complaints/warranty database to identify the number of reports made to it regarding instances of system shutdown or failure in circumstances where the front panel yellow indicator is illuminated,” Maguire revealed. “The results show that of all PS3s sold in the UK to date, fewer than one half of one per cent of units have been reported as failing in circumstances where the yellow indicator is illuminated.”

The full facts of all this will hopefully come out on the show this evening. In the mean time read the full letter which is linked to below.

Via GamesIndustry.biz

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