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Bayonetta to get PS3 install patch


Some of  you in the world may have felt a little let down by the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta. It didn’t run as well as the 360 version, as much as we loathe to admit, with a slightly choppier framerate, visuals that weren’t as crisp and loading times well beyond those on Microsoft’s console. We still loved it, as it’s brilliant, but we would like things to be on a more even playing field to our mortal enemies in the other console camp.

Step forward Sega, who have announced a patch is to be released for Bayonetta, bringing in the menu option to install the game to the hard drive. We assume this will increase loading speeds, but there’s no word if it will change anything else. There’s also no word as to when this is coming our way, as it seems to be a Japanese release only right now. Still, we can dream.

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