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Bayonetta to be fixed for EU/US release?

Bayonetta to be fixed for EU/US release?

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Bayonetta runs better on 360 than it does on PS3, of that there is little argument. It loads faster, looks brighter and is generally the best of the two. Fortunately for us living in the world of Sony-ness we shouldn’t have to put up with an inferior version by the time it is released over here in January, as Sony are – apparently – hard at work fixing the game for its western release.

An article on Gamekyo (soon translated by Wearetheinternetz) made the claim, stating:

According to them [UltimatePS3@.fr], Sega and Platinum Games have taken responsibility for the bad port before deciding to work with the assistance of an engineering team from Sony to guarantee a PS3 version equal to the level of the console’s power.

If this is true it’s a very good thing. We’ve played a lot of Bayonetta recently and it’s absolutely, completely and totally brilliant*. We want the absolute best version of it we can get, so this would be a huge step in the right direction.

It has to be said we’re relying on the translation by another source which we can’t verify, as we failed all of our language classes at school. Even English. Still, we hope this one turns out to be a big pile of facts.

*It’s hard to emphasise how brilliant it really is. Really. It is.

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