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Battlefield 3 Single-Player: Why Bother?

Battlefield 3 Single-Player: Why Bother?

Ah, single-player games. In the dark past before ‘the internet’ consumed our lives with pitiful distractions, single-player was the accepted norm. Now, almost every game has a multiplayer component, regardless of whether they need it or not. Battlefield 3 has the inverse: a single-player mode where it probably doesn’t need one.

We’ve only played a small-ish chunk of the campaign, but from what we’ve seen we’d rather DICE poured its energies into making the multiplayer – the reason anyone’s buying the bloody thing – even better.

Yeah, it all looked very pretty, but as we sauntered down another linear corridor shooting identikit bad guys and thinking to ourselves ‘if DICE can’t beat Call of Duty, they sure are trying to join them’ we wondered why the devs had bothered. The levels are massively scripted and shorn of ideas (there’s even the obligatory night vision airstrike section that COD 4’s ‘Death From Above’ mission perfected 4 years ago).

The linearity goes against what Battlefield is about: open areas, freedom of tactical choice, ‘Battlefield moments’: those crazy shenanigans that transpire when you think up an A-Team style plan and it actually works (putting loads of C4 on a truck, driving into enemy territory at top speed, diving out and detonating being a favourite). Bad Company, for all its faults, did this really well, and had the good sense to know how preposterous it all was, hence the comedy angle.

Here however it’s all po-faced terrorism and stern commanding officers barking a load of jargon no-one cares about. It might turn out alright, but from what we’ve played Battlefield 3 campaign is nothing but boring filler.

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    Shooters are becoming boring these days, they focus more on Multiplayer. That’s why I’m skipping every shooter game and buying RPGs instead ( Skyrim ) ( Dark Souls ) until Farcry 3 comes out.

  • Lee

    I thought BBC2 single player campaign was a bit boring to be honest. I dont have very high hopes for this campaign. But like you I might be pleasantly surprised, but I doubt it.

  • Ben

    I find these kind of half hearted articles so annoying. As you say yourselves you have only played a tiny part of the single player so why pass judegement before it is even released!!!! Yours is the only completely negative preview I have read so far with most people suggesting that some of the single player bits seen hint at some quite diverse parts of the game are yet to be seen in full. The jet levels alone seem a nice change of pace to the corridor gun fests, however I am not against those either. Wars always follow the same paths these days so there is only so much you can add thats completely new. Ill pass judgement when the credits roll on the single player not before……