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Battlefield 3 Graphics ‘So Bad I Died’

Battlefield 3 Graphics ‘So Bad I Died’

Shocking claims from a select group of gamers across the globe have claimed a claim, claiming the graphical prowess of Battlefield 3 – as evidenced in the beta – is such a let-down it has literally killed them.

We spoke to one man who had died as a result of how obnoxiously poor the graphics are in the Battlefield 3 beta, who told us this:

“I cannae believe it, like. I mean, like, I was, like, just, like, playing the game, like. Then I saw a texture that wasn’t 15GB and suddenly my brain exploded, killing me instantly. Like.”

The internets have been literally flooded with at least some messages about the issue, with DICE’s Battlefield 3 messageboard threatening to possibly run a bit slower under the weight of the almost half a dozen complaints. It ended up not having any issues, obviously, but there was the hint of potential terror for at least (most) a millisecond.

The graphical looks imagery visuals of Battlefield 3 have been the subject of a hot debate for the last however long – year or something. Some thought the game would look better than God, oiled-up and posing seductively. Others, however, had a grip on reality and expected it to look like a console game from this generation but a bit nice. They also questioned the logic of ranting and raving about a beta not looking as amazing as they expected, rather than waiting to see what the finished game looks like.

Naturally the group speaking what some referred to as ‘sense’ were immediately lynched for their lunacy.

BREAKING NEWS: four more people have been killed as a result of noticing ‘the character models don’t look like real life’, and one coma has been reported as a result of ‘my PC isn’t powerful enough to run that’. Admittedly, the latter point is quite fair.

We put the ‘Battlefield 3 beta causes death’ claims to EA, which issued this considered response:

“Oh do fuck off.”

We’re not sure it was actually EA, but there you go. Since when have facts ever mattered?

Since this story broke, everyone involved in it has got a grip.

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  • Yawn

    Was this written by a bot?

    I suggest you go read a book before your story kills someone trying to make sense of it.

  • Darcy

    Yawn is an idiot with no sense of humour.

  • TJC_69

    Is this written by a 12 year old COD fanboy or something ??
    Maybe you should take Dices good advice no ??
    Crap story , crap website.

  • Ian Dransfield

    Actually I’m 11.

  • Durr

    Game looks like garbage on ps3

  • Matt

    Game looks nowhere near as it was proclaimed to be, this is on PC with DX11 and Ultra graphics settings. I am SEVERELY disappointed. Character animation is flawed to say the least, controls seem sluggish.

  • se

    After playing bf3 on a £2000 pc, i must say it’s crap
    looks like bc2, moh2010 is way way better.

    bf3 was made with consoles in mind, they have killed bf

  • Robert

    It is shocking the picture rate flickers and then stops, the fighting hand to hand is just poor, and I have seen lots of this before it’s been taken from the other games.
    I hired it so I can take it back, people were saying which one would win the Christmas rush well it’s not this one for sure.

  • Ian Dransfield

    PC was lead development platform and always has been, and DICE has said as much.

  • James

    Haha, don’t worry I got your humour 🙂

    I’m still frustratingly 50/50 on bf3 – Right now I can’t bare it but in a few months when the patches have made it more stable I’ll not doubt be running round on those new mint maps like 😉

  • Jorge

    Another console port :X

  • luke

    long live call of duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thematishere

    The game is crap in general, i thought that it was suppose to be a simulation, but the story has been more unrealistic than call of duty. As se said Medal of honor 2010 was more relistic than battlefield im going back to back to assassins creed