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Batman Arkham City Vehicles: Probably Best There Won’t Be Any

Batman Arkham City Vehicles: Probably Best There Won’t Be Any

Forgive the generalisation, but on occasion we as gamers can be a little unreasonable in our demands of all things being given to us right now. Sometimes we have to be patient and allow for the creative process to finally meet our expectations. Batman: Arkham City could well be another example of this.

Our sister publication GamesTM recently spoke to Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill and he revealed that there would not be controllable vehicles in the much more open world of Arkham City. “There aren’t any playable vehicles in the game,” he said, just to prove that I wasn’t making anything up.

But as much as I would love the chance to play a Batman game where I get to drive the Batmobile or fly the Batwing I’m willing to wait for that further down the line. I would much rather Rocksteady concentrate on the far more important and equally challenging task of translating the success of Batman’s gameplay from the confines of Arkham Asylum to the open streets of this new encampment.

Isn’t that enough for one game? Do we really need it all right here and right now? Sure, we may be a little disappointed, but I’d rather have no vehicles in Arkham City than a whole bunch of really crap ones in a game that doesn’t work properly because Rocksteady stretched itself too thin.

Take Assassin’s Creed as an example. I found the first to be a disappointment. It didn’t seem as ambitious as it could have been. I found it repetitive, which is to say that the things I had to repeat were boring to do (fun repetition doesn’t feel like repetition). But then Assassin’s Creed II came around and it built on those foundations, improving and expanding on what has come before. Now Brotherhood has expanded on those ideas again and we can ride horses through the streets.

Rocksteady has the benefit of building on an already successful and acclaimed foundation, but that only means it has even more to lose if it gets it wrong. One false step or one moment of hubris on its part and all the hard work that went into its first Batman game will have been for nothing. In those circumstances I can understand it being cautious about introducing vehicles to its game.

Having said all that, we’re still not sure about the second part of Sefton Hill’s explanation of why vehicles aren’t in Arkham City. “What we’ve really focused on is Batman himself,” he said. “We see him as the ultimate vehicle.”


PS. The Batmobile image above is from Firebox.com where you can actually buy it.

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  • KeeperOfTheWord


  • Gpulos

    I was thinking it would be cool to get to drive the bat-mobile around gotham and maybe use it as a defensive weapon, but then again realistically speaking it would be very difficult to actually make it fun to use and incorporate into good game design. If Rocksteady can pull it off then I’d be very impressed; it’d be like a cherry on top.

  • graffitimonkey

    Hill is totally right in saying Batman is the ultimate vehicle, he can scale walls, run across rooftops, swim run and jump that of an olympian or better, glide (almost flying). He wouldnt let anything get in his way and isnt affected by toll charges or potholes…i mean come on, i cant see him carry alot of loose change in that suit 😉