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Bad Company 2 Beta On PS3 Only, November 19

Bad Company 2 Beta On PS3 Only, November 19


EA and DICE have announced that the PlayStation 3 will be getting exclusive access to a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta test from November 19. The Beta code will be made available as a preorder bonus from select retailers, although these have yet to be announced for Europe at this time. Wherever you end up getting your code though you will be playing Bad Company 2 more than three months before it hits shelves next year.

The Beta itself will feature a brand new map from Bad Company 2 called Arica Harbour, which can be played by up to 24 players in what is being called Rush mode. It’s an attack and defend map set in a desert town as the US Forces must take out a Russian base in stages through the level. It all ends with a big last stand and has lots of space for vehicles and big shoot outs.

We had the pleasure of playing a little of Bad Company 2’s multiplayer just the other day and we can attest to its excellent gameplay and intense action. It will be well worth getting your hands on the Beta just to keep up with the community though as they know how to handle themselves.

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  • Riley

    When will the beta end because I won’t be able to play the first week