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Australians (insert Four-X joke here) for an 18+ rating


The Australian government’s public consultation into whether the country should adopt an 18+ rating seems to be falling on the side of gamers (and sanity), if the early, non-final results are anything to go by. Of the 6,239 submissions to the consultation, 1,084 have been processed. Of that number, 11 were anti-18+. That’s roughly one per cent. For those capable of thinking, you’ve probably worked out that around 99 per cent of respondents are in favour of the rating being introduced.

Obviously there are a couple of issues with this count: first, it’s a preliminary number and there are still more than 5,000 responses to collate – there could always be a hell of a lot more people rallying against the ability to watch and play things they’re old enough to watch and play, you never know. Secondly, as pointed out by the man who apparently hates fun, South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, the consultation is likely to be heavily influenced by gamers, as non-gamers simply don’t care enough about the issue.

Nonetheless, it shows that those who do care about the ratings want the ability to be treated like an adult in their own country. Even if it can’t be held as a totally representative response from the populace as a whole, the fact that only 11 out of 1,000-plus don’t want an 18+ rating is telling.

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  • Rbl007

    i hope they do get a R18 as piss me off, to have to buy of the Dumbed down version even though NZ has a R18. there is support for the R18 even going as far as to make a polital party to force this nut job of Attorney-General out of his job by taking his area vote.

    the way i see it games that would be R18 are getting a lower rating or are being dumbed down for the rating or are banned altogether.