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Assassin’s Creed II: ‘No Time For Mistakes’

Assassin’s Creed II: ‘No Time For Mistakes’


Speaking at the Montreal International Game Summit yesterday, Assassin’s Creed II lead designer Patrick Plourde revealed that the tight 18 month development schedule for Ubisoft Montreal’s blockbuster sequel meant there was no room for error. The development team went through the original game again, assessing all the criticism of it and set about making a game that it hoped would review and sell better. We’ll begin to find out this week whether or not it has succeeded as Assassin’s Creed II is released this Friday.

The first point of examining the original game was to find the core pillars of the title that needed to carry over into the sequel and to assess the key flaws. It was quickly decided that fighting, navigation and social stealth were the most important features and where the missions fell down at times was in not having anything to do with these core elements. “They were almost like mini-games, in a way,” Plourde told attendees of the summit. “They were all quite different from the main experience and required a lot of coding to get to work.”

Plourde sites the new hidden puzzle levels as an example of a new feature in Assassin’s Creed II that addresses that problem (we should also add that we really like these sections too). “So, for example, we have Prince of Persia style missions where the aim is to get from point A to point B in these interior spaces, and the gameplay there is working out how to use the environment to do that,” he said. “Immediately, once we focus tested these missions, people were really enjoying them, because they exemplified our game’s strengths. And we didn’t have to write a single line of extra code.”

No need for extra code meant less time putting the game together as Ubisoft Montreal didn’t have to design completely new mechanics to make these levels work. It was all already in the game, they just had to build an environment that really complimented them. You can see for yourself how successful the game is at this later in the week and you can read our review this Friday right here.

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