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Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood ending – my theories. Oh, and SPOILERS



Yes, there are definitely spoilers.

After a few weeks of being kept from gaming by work and Christmas shopping, I finally got to sit down last night and finish Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Considering the wacky end to AC2 I was expecting something mind-bending and weird, and Brotherhood didn’t disappoint.

The ending saw me jumping around what I presume was a set taken from a Stanley Kubrick film, while the ghost of an AI alien that had travelled through time (or something) spouted gibberish at me. Apparently humans lack sense. Or they lack an extra sixth sense. I think the second is what she was getting at but the former sounds more realistic to me.

Anyway, I completed the game and completed The Truth challenges (clearly my IQ is off the charts), which I was disappointed to find didn’t reveal a new video, but unlocked a small bit of platforming gameplay and another bit of gibberish from Subject 16.

I’ve used the word ‘gibberish’ twice now, but I actually really enjoyed the ending. It can’t be denied that AC is attempting to tell a story we haven’t really seen before, and for that I applaud it. I’m excited about the possibilities of ACIII too, which there are many hints about in the end of Brotherhood. Here are a few of them that I managed to piece together:

1. I think we can reasonably expect Assassin’s Creed 3 to come out either on December 21st 2012, or more likely 72 days before December 21st, which by my (probably wrong) count is October 10th. The reason being Assassin’s Creed’s story revolves around 12/21/2012 – it’s considered by crackpots to be The End Of Days, when really it’s just the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mayan Long Count calendar – and also there’s a lot of nonsense said about the number 72, and the fact Abstergo is launching its satellite 72 days before said date. It’s all very confusing. Just expect Assassin’s Creed 3 sometime in 2012. From a marketing standpoint it makes complete sense.

2. My theory: Desmond in AC1, 2 and Brotherhood is all the memory of Desmond’s own descendant, possibly his son, who is living Desmond’s memories through his own DNA. Basically, you’ve been in the Animus since the first game. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, there’s the unfamiliar voices you hear over the end credits, which refer to someone going into shock upon seeing Desmond killing (or attempting to kill) Lucy. Subject 16, in The Truth, also tells Desmond that everything he holds dear has already gone, and it’s already too late to change anything. It sounds like the December 21, 2012 date as already passed for Subject 16, meaning Desmond’s gameplay sections are events relived from the future. The worrying thing about this is that it means there are Animus’s within Animus’s, and DNA within DNA. It’s like dreams within dreams in Inception but even more ridiculous.

3. This descendant is Desmond’s son, who is possibly also Lucy’s daughter – who doesn’t die, and is also a Templar. If you look around the internet you’ll find plenty of theories concerning the reasons Lucy could still be a Templar, so I won’t reiterate them here. Suffice to say Juno heavily implies it. She also says, “you who rose from our loins (Assassins/Desmond) and the loins of our enemies (Templar/Lucy)”, suggesting that Lucy survives the stabbing at the end of Brotherhood, or at least her and Desmond have already gotten jiggy at some point and her baby survives. It also seems that several times during this scene Juno isn’t talking to Desmond, but to whoever’s watching as postulated in point 2, just as when Minerva spoke to Desmond through Ezio at the end of AC2.

Phew. This is getting complicated. I didn’t intend to tax my brain so much this early in the morning. I haven’t even had a cup of tea yet. Good job I saved the most mind-blowing theory for last:

4. The whole game is actually occurring in the dream of a bee.

Minds: blown.

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  • Sean

    Some good theories there, just makes me want to play AC3 even more now.

  • Victor Duvant

    U r so dumb the game is actually the dream of a hummingbird I read it on a forum somewhere so it must be true if it’s on the Internet

  • Rajosik

    Dude, the thing about the loins is that the Assassins, more than in name like Altair and Ezio were descendants of Those Who Came Before and the first humans, not exactly Templars. That’s why the Assassins have Eagle Vision and all.

  • Doopy

    My guess is that Desmond is someone’s memory, accessing Desmond’s experiences (thus Altair and Ezio, since they play a big part in his experiences I guess).

    Rebecca (?) the animus engineer, mentions unlocking repressed traumatic memories through the use of the animus (if you pop out of the animus to talk to her a few times), which I didn’t see Desmond (AC:B) unlocking.. Or did he?

    So the stabbing of Lucy was probably the locked traumatic experience repressed by Desmond (inaccessible by the person accessing Desmond’s memory unless the entirety of Desmond’s animus experience is relived) and therefore the location of the Apple was once again lost.

    The thing about the “our loins and our enemy’s loins” seems right if Lucy (an undercover templar) survives getting stabbed and has kids with Desmond (not the first time since the mother of Altair’s children was an ex-templar).

    Just my 2 cents.

  • hhihuiu

    PEOPLE LISTEN im 100% shore that something FUCKED up is going to happend to the story…if you listen to the truth that 16 talks too you he says its alrady too late ,and all you wished to achive its allraidy gone…the gods say its too late at the colloseum…THAT CAN ONLY MEAN WE PLAYING AS DESMOND IN THE PAST,AND THERE IS SOMEONE ELS IN THE FUTURE IN THE ANIMUS…THINK ABOUT IT…BUT LISTEN TO THIS,,IN THE END 2 PEOPLE SAY PUT HIM BACK IN THE ANIMUS(Desmond in the future,living his memories)!!

  • Rookie

    Lucy seems to be the target for a lot of info, possible she could be a templer but then Altair seemed to have a relationship with a templer in AC1. But Minerva is also being represented as a being of light, and has been giving information (knowledge) to Desmond.

    Is there a connection, its there any reason to doubt minerva, at this time we could easy expect the story to twist, but i would think it quite logical to question minervaa motives.

    We have also been informed that eve, or eve DNA is the key, is this a hint that this information is what is needed to solve the impeding crisis.

    Well, UBI have come up with some good stuff, pitty about the DRM in AC2