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Arkham City ‘spoilers’: who’s to blame?

Arkham City ‘spoilers’: who’s to blame?

Oh dear. After the revelation that something happens to someone (the information is out there, you know where to look) in Batman Arkham City, the internet at large has gone mental, claiming that their experience has been spoiled, and that websites running the story have made a terrible mistake in doing so.

We can see why people are upset, and can’t help but feel that developer Rocksteady has made the wrong call here. After all, it was their doing: the developers of the game are OK with this news going public, and in an industry where you can’t even look at a game without signing a bazillion non-disclosure agreements, that’s quite rare. Calling the press and telling them news that is guaranteed to drive hits in a world of ME ME ME! LOOK AT ME, INTERNET! LOVE ME! is only going to have one outcome. OF COURSE THESE WEBSITES WERE GOING TO RUN IT.

Should Kotaku, 1up etc have posted spoiler warnings? Yes, probably, but again: hits hits hits. It’s what it’s all about. The fact that everyone is talking about it is testament to the success of this carefully constructed PR move.

It’s easy to see why the developers did it: look at all the publicity that’s been generated as Batman fans and other serious people of the internet take up their digital pitchforks and rage against the machine. But does Rocksteady need this extra exposure? Isn’t the game going to sell roughly 4 quarkzillion copies day one? Reaction has been heated, and the sites that reported this have taken the brunt of the blame, but at its core this issue only exists because of poor decision making from Rocksteady.

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