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APB On Consoles Would Need Redesign

APB On Consoles Would Need Redesign


Realtime Worlds’ sandbox, cops and crooks, MMO APB could still make a move to consoles according to studio boss Dave Jones, but the game would need a heavy redesign to make that possible. Billed by many as the GTA MMO and made by Grand Theft Auto’s original maker in Jones, there has been a great deal of interest from gamers in the project hitting consoles, but the platform holders may not be as interested.

“It has to be something that everybody wants to do, where everybody’s clear on what we can do and what we can’t do,” Jones told Eurogamer. “There are a lot of issues like that where we said, let’s just make one, make it great, get all the issues out of the way. It’ll also need a fair bit of redesign as well I think.

“Console is very different to PC in terms of online gaming,” Jones continued. “There’s a lot of things outwith our control – Microsoft and Sony are platform holders, and have their take on running servers, billing… A lot of things we’re doing are untried and untested.”

Sounds a lot like the ball is in the platform holders’ court. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Sony at least has the cajones to take this challenge on.

Via VG247

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