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Android Tips, Tricks & Apps eBook launched

Android Tips, Tricks & Apps eBook launched

Imagine Publishing’s Android Tips, Tricks & Apps book has arrived on Kindle. Android has revolutionised the smartphone market, and this comprehensive guide brings you everything you need to know to get the most out of your handset. From essential guides to the best apps, if you have an Android device this is the perfect book for you.

Smartphone Essentials editor Andy Betts said: “This brilliant book brings together the two hottest properties in tech – Android and Kindle. It’s packed with an incredible number of tips, tutorials and guides that are perfect for all levels of Android user. And it couldn’t be more accessible either, as readers can view it either on their Kindle device, or within the Kindle app on their Android tablet or smartphone. It’s fair to say that Android Tips, Tricks & Apps really does set a new standard for eBook guides.”

Written by experts for readers dedicated to getting the most from their products, Tips & Tricks is a series that provides world-beating advice to experienced consumers, offering a variety of intermediate to advanced tutorials and stylish, cutting-edge features. In-depth yet accessible, the Tips & Tricks series offers a comprehensive solution unlike any other.

The Android Tips, Tricks & Apps eBook is available from online retailer Amazon (http://amzn.to/iZF7fG), priced at just £5.98.

For more in the series, as well as other great books, visit www.imaginebookshop.co.uk.

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