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An open letter to EA/Starbreeze RE: Molyneux’s involvement with Syndicate

Dear EA and what all rumours point to as being Starbreeze,

My name is Ian, and I am one of those people you may have heard from before who played Syndicate a lot as a child. We’re talking a lot. I think I lost whole summers to that badboy, and I still play it around once a year as a matter of ‘BECAUSE I FLUGGING WELL LOVE IT’. Safe to say, I am a mental Syndicate fanboy.

As such, the words that recently came out of Peter Molyneux’s mouth were ones that filled my little, shrivelled heart with joy. He would – if the rumoured remake of Syndicate is underway in Sweden – like to offer the developers a chat. A sit down. A natter. A bit of friendly advice. Some more words from his gob-hole. Basically, one of the creators of the original game coming back to give some advice.

As self-proclaimed Biggest Syndicate Fan In The World (it’s official, mainly because I just called it), I would like to suggest you take Peter up on his offer. Ignore him, ridicule him, implement every single thing he suggests* – whatever you do, just give the man a chance. It’s the right thing to do and it would make fans of the original – and me, as their leader – very happy indeed.

Oh, and ignore the backlash against Peter that comes up at every turn. Those people are just jealous, stupid and need to sod right off to sodding soddery.

All my love,

Ian “I Am King Syndicate” Dransfield

*Though this would likely mean engaging on an emotional level with your agents before planting an acorn in their brains and having a dog**.

**Having a cyber-future-dog would be amazing, as Fallout: New Vegas proved.

[via CVG]

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