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An alternative view on LocoRoco

An alternative view on LocoRoco


*’An alternative view’ offers exactly that – an alternative opinion on the game it talks about. It is not a re-review and it does not reflect the opinion of Play Magazine. It is simply there to give the writer of each column an arena to vent.*

The first LocoRoco title came about in a time when the PSP was pretty much devoid of interesting releases – the handheld was living up to its reputation as “a PS2 in your hands” all too well, seemingly offering nothing but ports and remakes from the home console. Then, all of a sudden, everyone stood up and took notice of this new pretender making its way to the fore. It was different: bright, colourful, bouncy, original. And that’s where everything started to go wrong.

LocoRoco was hailed as one of the finest titles on the PSP when it was released, and it’s a small wonder as to why – there was little else interesting or worthwhile for Sony’s pocket-sized (if you have massive pockets) machine. Reviewers found it simple for their thinking to go along these lines: this is different to what we’re accustomed to, plus it taps right into our base emotions of laughing like a particularly moronic toddler, so it must be the second coming. They were wrong, and no one seems to want to correct them.

LocoRoco is not a good game. It’s barely even a game. It’s tilting. It’s like Screwball Scramble for the modern ages, and we all know how disappointingly bad Tomy’s ball-navigating “game” is. But hey – we can overlook the lack of depth in the gameplay because it tickles the players Cute Gland, right?

Wrong. It isn’t cute, and people need to learn to see this. It’s just simple, dull design made to key into the part of your brain that responds to squidgy things with tiny faces. If that’s not enough to target the most simplistic, reactionary part of your psychological makeup, Japan Studio also felt the need to put in ever-repeating songs, bellowed by noisy, irritating, childish voices and made up entirely of gibberish.

And it never stops. It. Never. Stops. That’s not good game design, that’s just annoying.

Then came LocoRoco 2, the cunningly titled sequel to the first game that didn’t even sell very well. Aside from the fact that it was a pointless rehash of the first game with nary a new feature to boast about, it also raises questions about why other games that sell poorly don’t receive sequels. More deserving games. Games I actually want to see sequels to, not nonsensical crap with annoying songs on it.

The less said about the PS3’s “interactive screensaver” LocoRoco Cocoreccho the better. Charging money for something that lasts three minutes, is exceptionally annoying and doesn’t even offer effective controls is beyond a joke – it’s absolutely ludicrous.

Keep your money in your pocket and look for something actually worth your time on PSP. There’s plenty out there and it won’t be disgustingly forced, cutesy nonsense.

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