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An alternative view of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


All the good looks, production values and positive reviews in the world can’t change the fact that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is nothing more than a liberal borrower of ideas. So many games and movies are derived from in the most brash and unimaginative way it’s ridiculous. Indiana Jones? That’s there. Tomb Raider? Happily raided. Gears of War? In like Flynn. And as if it isn’t bad enough they did this one time, Naughty Dog had to come back and repeat their cheekiness with the sequel. It’s one slap in the face too many for those who actually champion originality in gaming.

But what about this “great” script and the “fantastic” acting we hear so much about? Well frankly this is the kind of thing you wouldn’t even see on Sunset Beach (ask the 1990s, they remember it), never mind the nomination categories at the Oscars. It’s tired, clichéd storytelling and while I will admit the facial and body animations are some cop, it’s hard to get excited about yet another ‘witty’ comment in the style of Joss Whedon – yet another area from which Uncharted has so wilfully found influence for its material. Dialogue sounds forced at the best of times, cringeworthy at the worst and Nolan North is still a budget Nathan Fillion. The fact that so many gamers have hailed Among Thieves as being a paragon of scriptwriting shows exactly what is wrong with both games and the gaming public today – they expect too little, and when they’re rewarded with something of barely passable quality they rejoice and claim it to be the second coming.

What Among Thieves has done is to artificially raise the bar. Thanks to the rabid mess of praise vomited in its direction, developers will now think this is what people want – unoriginal ideas and a shallow mish-mash of gaming styles. We’re going to be inundated with rip-offs of the Uncharted world, which will cause a paradox to tear open the fabric of the universe and destroy us all. After all, a copy of a copy can’t exactly be healthy for the space-time continuum, can it?

I should also point out the fact that the Twitter incorporation was a broken mess that screwed up many a feed for users, and was yet another example of a cynical tie-in crowbarred in to get the maximum of cheap publicity possible.

Do yourself a favour and ignore this attempted B-move of a game. You’ll get the same mechanics done a thousand times better everywhere else, you won’t have to put up with such a “wonderful” script and you won’t have idiots looking over your shoulder going: “see – I told you it was good” while looking smug.

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  • ferdia

    this looks like a proper review.tell me this PLAY,why did you rate it so highly.your just contradicting what you said in your real review.all these alternative reviews are actually alot more accurate than your real reviews.boring story,terrible aiming system,cheesy lines and hollywood characters.why didnt you say all this in your original review?

  • Garan

    I’m so confused.

  • lDEFYl

    it still rocks, get over it 😛

  • lDEFYl

    too much hype can do that to anything…the game is awesome and thats that

  • IanDransfield

    So you all know, these columns titled “An alternative view…” are originally printed in the magazine as J’accuse. They’re an alternative viewpoint of popular games and by no means reflect the opinions of the mag. They’re written by an anonymous hive of writers and are not our reviews.

    Hope that clears it up.