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An alternative view of LittleBigPlanet

An alternative view of LittleBigPlanet


Imagine you’re waiting for the next big thing. In fact, imagine you’re waiting for something that is being developed under the title The Next Big Thing, which LittleBigPlanet was. It’s supposed to be the… well, you get the picture. It’s hyped up to levels you wouldn’t believe and your appetite is suitably whetted by the lovely-looking screenshots and the promise of a new icon for PlayStation in the form of Sackboy.

Then the next big thing finally arrives and it turns out that not only is it narrated by the once great, now smug and irritatingly self-aware Stephen Fry, but you don’t even get the full experience straight out of the box. By that we don’t mean the half dozen downloads you have to sit through when loading the game if you’re unlucky enough to have only bought the game recently, eating up over an hour of potential play-time. No, we mean the fact that the best levels for the game haven’t been made by the actual creators of the game – you’re expected to download them from other schmucks like yourself.

Surely it’s not a good sign when a company feel they can completely rest on their laurels and release a creation tool marketed as a full game. Those out there who simply don’t have the time or ability to make something worthwhile are stumped with what they get in the box which, let’s be honest, is simply a collection of reasonable platforming levels, made more to show off what can be done in creation mode than to show off a good game.

Say we do bother with creating something though: we sit for hours on end, working our way around the system, managing to get by with just a few bits and bobs as we haven’t been able to unlock everything in the main game – yes, you’re expected to play through the game to get every object for create mode. You make something that looks half decent, you’ve managed to ignore Fry’s patronisingly twee tones, you decide to test it out. And it all falls to pieces, because you forgot to pin one insignificant piece of scenery to the wall. Physics aren’t always your best friends, and design flaws like this shouldn’t be left in to punish people who have spent hours on end making something that will help them actually enjoy the game for once.

And as for the endless ridiculous costumes released seemingly every week, well – we’re not paying £3 to make that little hessian prat look any more “adorable”, regardless of how much you reckon it will enrich our experience. And even if you are tempting us with those Ghostbusters outfits.

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  • David

    A bit harsh, but you’re right about the fact that user levels are much better than the one’s that came with the game. If MM make a sequel They need to make more memorable levels.

  • Dave Moore

    it had to be said.spot on.

  • Oli T

    Yes LittleBigPlanet does take a lot of work, it is a MASSIVE game. You have to remember that LBP had to be kid friendly and to just open everything up as soon as you get the game, would completely confuse some people (including me :P) Yes, some community levels are better than Media Molecules, but that was what they were hoping for. The story levels are still very fun, and your experience gets even better as the community section of the game opens up to you.