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Alpha Protocol officially pushed to 2010

Alpha Protocol officially pushed to 2010


It’s been rumoured – nay, known – for a while that Alpha Protocol would not be making it to the shops this year, but it’s taken until a couple of weeks before the original release date for Sega to bite the bullet and fess up. Yes, Obsidian’s spyPG-’em-up has now been officially pushed back to the new golden age of “Spring 2010”, when all the best games in the world will be coming out.

Feargus Urquhart, top bod at Obsidian, had these words to spew forth:

“Alpha Protocol is a new take on the RPG genre and from day one the team has been working to make Alpha Protocol a truly unique game for players to experience. We’re very happy that Sega has made the decision to hold back the shipment of the game in order to give it the best chance at becoming the publishing success that we at Obsidian and our partners at Sega are striving for”.

Alan Pritchard, MD of Sega Europe, followed this up with more words from his mouth:

“Alpha Protocol has been a very promising title since the beginning of the development cycle. By pushing Alpha Protocol to Spring 2010, we can ensure that the game will be released in the best commercial release window possible and will also receive the focus this true AAA titles deserves.”

We’re not happy, frankly, but if it gives everyone involved more time to make Alpha Protocol as good as it looks like it could be then, well – we are happy. Ah, conflicting emotions.

[Via VG247. Again. It’s a slow news day.]

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