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Alone In The Dark: Inferno – do we… care?

alone-in-the-dark.jpgYes, the publisher has responded to criticisms of the original game, but that still doesn’t mean I’m anywhere near excited about Eden Studios and Atari’s Alone In The Dark: Inferno. The fact that the press release boasts about “red-hot content” and “sizzling gaming enhancements” actually fills me with dread. At one point, I was kind of excited about Alone In The Dark, but then I played the demo on the 360. The clumsy camera, annoying inventory and horrible cut-scenes immediately diminished my interest; while I’m not convinced Inferno will change any of that, it is at least heartening to see a publisher take the comments of gamers at face value.

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  • annonymous

    once all thwe complains came in Atari fixed all the issues in the PS3 version…

  • Jack Sweet

    Um. Don’t bother caring.
    They’re listening to criticism? That’s not the point.
    They released a completely unfinished game. I played it. It was a complete waste of time. The game was horribly broken.
    Criticisms would be “FINISH MAKING THE GAME THIS TIME!”
    I have no faith in these douchebags.