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Ace Combat (Almost) Has Best Ending Ever

Ace Combat (Almost) Has Best Ending Ever

Some games end with hour long cutscenes tying up all the story, some begin the sequel groundwork with an opening ending, some just go for a massive explosion because… well, it’s a massive explosion.

This is the ending for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.


Unfortunately, it turns out this is just the end of a slightly longer QTE at the end of the game while the music (which REALLY makes the ending) isn’t in the game itself, having been added by the Giant Bomb crew. Even the freeze frame was added in. But damn, it’s almost irrelevant. What an ending.

On the day that Batman: Arkham City has hit the shelves, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon has scored some huge Man Points of its own with the Best QTE Ever, a Top Gun homage and Eighties music. It’s just a shame it took Giant Bomb to spot the potential greatness of the ending and not Namco Bandai themselves.

We’d happily pay for a Proper Ending Pass which put this cutscene in the game. It does make us wonder though – what happens if you fail the QTE?