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Abandon Gaming Stories, Kill Off Gaming Logic

Abandon Gaming Stories, Kill Off Gaming Logic

Can we just drop this pretence of story please? this ‘narrative’ bullshit has gone too far, and the need to explain everything away in the ‘logic’ of the game has got to the point where I just baulk right in the stupid face of any game that comes up with such nonsense.

Take, for example, the new instinct-vision-thing in Hitman: Absolution. I think it sounds like an interesting in-game mechanic, and one that probably isn’t as bad as reactions based on second-hand information on the internet would have you believe. Basically Agent 47 sees glowing auras around enemies and can see their patrol paths – something like that. Fine. Great. Makes sense.

But why do we have to have IO trying to tell us it’s because of 47’s genetically modified nature? Why does anybody feel the need to try and put reason to something that’s just there to make the player’s experience more enjoyable? It’s unnecessary. We shouldn’t need clearly-defined reason for everything happening. They’re games: we get it.

Then you get the announcements like Gears Of War 3’s apparent 90 minutes of cut scenes. This, remember, is a game where Bender from Futurama uses a chainsaw attached to a machinegun to saw giant, stompy-footed aliens in half in close-up, bloody glory. Hamlet it is not.

Just throw us into this world, give us a Doom level of story (“shit gone bad”) and let us go wild.

I’m not saying no story in games – obviously it belongs. But there are so many titles that get ideas above their station. Just throw them out there, let us play Shooty Bang Man 9000: This Time It’s Slightly Greyer and let us enjoy it without the burden of a story that nobody in their right mind actually cares about.

Oh, and stop trying to explain everything. Why can 47 see like that in Instinct mode? Because he can. It’s a game. Done.

Good morning, by the way.

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  • Sid

    Whats wrong with Bender from futurama? He’s awesome!

  • Geoman37

    But half the point I got mgs4 was the story… Though I can see why some people would hate the length of the cutscenes, 90 min ending was a bit much.