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8-Year-Olds Can Win Tournaments Too

8-Year-Olds Can Win Tournaments Too

This weekend past saw Evo 2011 take place. It’s the biggest fighting games tournament in the world, which sees top players all flying to Las Vegas to fight in various games across three days. Japan sent their best (Mago, Daigo, Fuudo, RF), Europe sent theirs (Ryan Hart, Starnab, Evans, Kayane) and America obviously had theirs (Justin Wong, Combofiend, Latif, Wolfkrone). Then there were players from Puerto Rico (PR Balrog), Korea (Poongko), Taiwan (Gamerbee)…

The real surprise was emerging early on in Evo, when people started hearing of an 8-year-old kid, Noah, tearing up the Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament. Eventually one of his matches appeared on the livestream and here it is:

8-years-old. 8-years-old! He didn’t win the tournament – Noah was knocked out in the top 48, which is still hugely impressive given there were over 600 entrants – but man. How good were you at games at 8-years-old?

Also, as a side-note, this has to be the most embarrassing way to get knocked out of a tournament. For those who don’t play Marvel vs Capcom 3, Deadpool has a teleport which malfunctions and explodes on every third attempt, causing a small bit of damage to him. Lose track of how many teleports you’ve used up during the heat of battle and this happens…

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