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6 Sequels We Want (But Will Never Happen)

6 Sequels We Want (But Will Never Happen)

Of course, this could be our way of ticking the ‘token list feature that mentions Shenmue’ box this month but… well, read on and see if you agree. Bear in mind some games already have spiritual successors of sorts – Child of Eden may as well be a Rez sequel – while other one-off titles should stay one-offs (Pyschonauts, Ikaruga, etc).

6. New Maximo

A modern day take on Capcom’s classic Ghosts ‘n Goblins series, Maximo tapped into the 3D platform/adventure surge that was doing gangbusters back in the PlayStation2 era courtesy of Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper and so on.

The first Maximo, released in late 2001, was notoriously hard but still found a big enough fanbase to warrant its equally tough sequel, Maximo: Army of Zin, in 2004. It had the retro appeal thanks to its Ghosts ‘n Goblins connection, it felt relevant thanks to its 3D platforming and it looked gorgeous too. Then… nothing.

Why It Would Never Happen: Developers Studio 8 closed down after another attempted retro reboot, Final Fight: Streetwise, was a critical and commercial flop. It’s also debatable how commercial a new Maximo game would be nowadays – there’s been a new breed of 2D platform games (Braid, Limbo, Super Meat Boy, Ms. Splosion Man, etc) while 3D ‘adventures’ tend to be cover based shooters (Uncharted, Gears of War, Vanquish).

5. ‘Proper’ Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Pro Skater popularised the extreme sports genre when it was released in 1999, as its unique gameplay saw the likes of SSX, Dave Mirra’s BMX, Thrasher Skate And Destroy, Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer and others come tumbling after it. It could seemingly do no wrong with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and 3 also racking up high review scores and high sales.

The quality began to decline around the time of Tony Hawk Underground 2, with the series starting to lose its identity and shift away from what made it popular to begin with. Then EA created Skate, which took the sales and plaudits previously the domain of Tony Hawk. Under pressure to do something drastic, the series nadir was Tony Hawk Ride in 2009, which needed a skateboard peripheral to be played. Its sequel, Tony Hawk Shred, continued down that disastrous peripheral path and the series has been on ice since.

Why It Would Never Happen: Activision appears to be undergoing a revision of its line-up and there has been almost no noise made about Tony Hawk. That’s not to say a new Tony Hawk which goes back to what made the series popular won’t ever, ever, ever happen but even EA’s Skate is losing its influence and Activision still has to figure out what to do with this skateboard peripheral situation it has created for itself.

4. Black 2

If there was one thing Black managed to get absolutely spot on, it was how its guns felt. Burnout developers Criterion were at the helm for Black and it showed, with the same level of destruction and detail going into illustrating gunfire and making you feel like a badass.

It was a fairly rudimentary FPS underneath it all, as its cinematic action quickly eclipsed by the next-gen gaming on the horizon. Even so, few games have come close to matching the destructive feel of its arsenal. There’s a lot of potential with PlayStation3’s power to ramp up the weaponry…

Why It Would Never Happen: …except, you know, it won’t happen. Stuart Black was the driving force behind the game and he was discussing a sequel with publisher EA but it feel through. He then joined Codemasters and started work on Bodycount – which isn’t Black, no matter how Codemasters try and spin it – but he left that project too to join City Interactive. No Stuart Black, no Black sequel.

3. Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

An overlooked title, Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy dazzled not only with that utterly awful title but by also making physics manipulation and ragdoll physics a big part of its shooting formula. The story was awful and the production wasn’t up to much but the psychic powers that let you throw people and objects around was what made the game fun.

It had a wealth of other powers crammed in alongside the telekenesis but the mind drain, pyrokenesis and remote viewing abilities weren’t nearly as fun. It was all about telekenesis and it was also why, despite a low profile, Psi-Ops proved to be one of PlayStation2’s genuine sleeper hits.

Why It Would Never Happen: It was developed by an internal Midway studio and with Midway now dead and gone, members of the Psi-Ops development team are scattered far and wide. There’s also the question of who owns the IP, although you’d think it was Warner Bros – if they bought the SpyHunter IP from Midway, they’d definitely grab Psi-Ops too. But more relevant perhaps is that it just didn’t rack up huge sales. There’s also a question of how relevant it would be nowadays, given everyone from Star Wars: Force Unleashed to Inversion is rocking a similar gimmick.

2. Beyond Good & Evil 2

There are many reasons that Beyond Good & Evil struck a chord with gamers, with even the most cynical (it’s Zelda for people who don’t own a Nintendo console) being a huge compliment of sorts. The best thing is that it’s been remastered in HD and re-released on PlayStation Network, so you don’t need to read our words about it. You can buy it for yourself and try it.

Ubisoft appeared to have moved on to the world of Tom Clancy and Assassin’s Creed after Beyond Good & Evil was deemed a commercial failure, despite reviewing well. Creator Michel Ancel said that was the reason Ubisoft was reluctant to invest in a sequel.

Why It Would Never Happen: See, now technically, this is supposed to happen. Ubisoft announced it, released an image and there was even a fake trailer doing the rounds. Yet the silence that has followed speaks volumes, with Ancel now working on Rayman Origins. Word is that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will miss PlayStation3 altogether and is being primed for the next PlayStation console.

1. Shenmue III

Huge, expansive, ambitious and clumsy, Shenmue was a game hated by some but loved by most. It was Sega’s attempt at stretching its arcade roots and gameplay across a massive adventure. While it wasn’t always a perfect fit – it’s incredible that a company focused on arcade gameplay and accessibility made WALKING AROUND A ROOM so bloody difficult – Shenmue overcame those problems by doing something unique and different, and remains unlike anything seen to this day.

Creator Yu Suzuki envisaged Shenmue as a series which would have 16 chapters. The original Shenmue contained the first four while Shenmue II brought us up to chapter 8 and also saw a weird change in tone for the series, with… floating swords and what not. Yet that will be likely remain a mystery which only Yu Suzuki has the answer to, as the series has been on ice since then.

Why It Would Never Happen: Shenmue remains one of the biggest financial disasters in recent gaming history, with the now infamous story of how every Dreamcast owner needed to buy Shenmue II twice to make up what Sega spent developing it. Sega itself has long left the days of Shenmue behind and despite some throwbacks to its glory days – Bayonetta and Vanquish being the main examples – the likes of Aliens: Colonial Marines and Football Manager signal a new direction for the publisher. Yu Suzuki isn’t as heavily involved with the industry as he used to be, despite releasing Shenmue City for Yahoo Mobage mobile in Japan… there are too many factors involved. It’ll likely never happen folks.

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  • eelay

    i think they should make a third syberia game. the first one was amazing and very original. the second not as good but still a very good game. alas the company behind it MICROIDS i believe is no more but the man behind the games BENOIT SOKAL has promised a third instalment or even a game with the lead character KATE WALKER. but as yet nothing…….. i live in hope!

  • johnsmith

    I really wish Tombi/Tomba could have a sequel, or at least be remade but as far as I’m aware Whoopee Camp disbanded years ago 🙁

  • Ross D

    I’d love to have a proper valkyria chronicles sequel. I know it has sequels but on handheld platforms. What I want is a true sequel to the console version on a CONSOLE! Also Kingdom Hearts 3 when/if FF13 Versus ever gets finished and the handheld games stop coming ;P

  • nwoye ugo

    had been praying and hoping capcom finally made a proper Dino crisis 3,rather than the watered down nonsense they released as dino crisis 3. But finally given up,because i don’t think it will ever happen.

  • The Deleted

    A new Dino Crisis is top of my want list. Shadow of Rome would be awesome sauce, too.
    I’d also throw in Killswitch. It was a great game that used the cover mechanic, and really well if memory serves, before a certain Marcus Fenix thought hiding behind walls would be the tits.