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5 Games In 2011 You’ll Overlook

5 Games In 2011 You’ll Overlook

You’ll drown under the sea of games about to flood PlayStation3. Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD, Modern Warfare 3, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Saints Row: The Third, Dark Souls, Rage, it’s easy to lose track of exactly what’s coming.

Here are five games that might get lost in the release schedule before 2011 is out but deserve some attention…

Rock of Ages

Destined for PSN before 2011 draws to an end, Rock of Ages is a tower defence game mixed in with Marble Madness mixed in with Terry Gilliam and Monty Python. Right? Right.

The idea is that you’re racing against an opponent on symetrical tracks to smash down tower doors with your rolling rock. The course itself has obstacles as you roll towards your goal and build up speed – hence the Marble Madness reference – while you can litter your opponent’s track with obstacles such as catapults, bombs and elephants – hence the tower defence reference.

Meanwhile, the game itself is stylised with cardboard cutouts of history figures and revels in its own thoroughly demented style. We hear a lot of complaints about games not being original as the market shifts towards a homogenised shooter genre, so do your bit when Rock of Ages rolls (ahem) onto PSN. Original, mental, fun.

House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut

No, the game doesn’t actually look like that, that’s gameplay taken from the Wii version. As we all know by know, the Wii is only capable of outputting four graphics in low-def, so that’s why it doesn’t look up to scratch. But more importantly – look! A lightgun game justifying PlayStation Move!

There haven’t been too many (any?) games that have justified Move without it being offered as anything more than an alternative control scheme in a high-profile title – think Killzone 3 and Heavy Rain – so House of the Dead: Overkill getting revamped with HD visuals, Move support and extra levels is worth taking note of.

Worms Crazy Golf

It shouldn’t work. Worms is a series that has built itself on precision warfare, working out angles to throw grenades and getting the right power to get the perfect shot.

Then you think about it a little more and well, yes, of course it [i]should[/i] work. Precision. Angles. Power. Shot. It’s the ideal way to shake up the Worms formula, which has been growing stale for all but the hardcore fanbase, presenting the same mechanics that worked its multiplayer magic for years in a new package.

A lot will depend on its price and, of course, if it’s actually any good. But judging by the video above, it looks like it’s ticking the right boxes. Fingers crossed it finds a decent niche amongst the big hitters when it eventually hits PSN Store.


We’ve already discussed Amy several times, both here and in print. It’s definitely a title survival horror fans should be feeling giddy about. While the genre is moving towards action (Resident Evil 5, Dead Island, Left 4 Dead) and an emphasis on building a bigger arsenal, Lexis Numerique is staunchly moving in the other direction, paring down your combat abilities to keep encounters tense and edgy. That might not sound like a particularly dramatic or revolutionary approach but it works well enough to question why survival horror has edged away from it.

Writing about this has led to the Play team watching videos of Penumbra and Amnesia: Dark Descent on Youtube, PC titles that are arguably the scariest survival horror games ever made – check out the reactions

We haven’t seen enough to guess whether Amy will shred your nerves in the same way but regardless, it’s looking like a very, very good game and a welcome reverse in the survival horror trend for action.

Sonic Generations

Okay, so it’s not really a low-profile title. Even so, this isn’t registering more than the faintest of pulses on anyone’s gaming radar, because it’s wading into the busiest time of year with its own chequered history of approximately 50,000 too many awful Sonic games.

Sega has been making HUGE promises for this one, staggering and wildly overblown promises like 1) the camera will work 2) Sonic won’t turn into a werewolf hedgehog thing and 3) who cares about a third promise, as long as they get the first two right.

Sega have still put younger Sonic in there, because it wouldn’t be a modern Sonic game without there being at least one god-awful idea in there, but it’s still better than having him turn into a werewolf hedgehog thing, or Shadow, or Big the Cat, or Silver the Hedgehog, or…

Anyway. Look at the above video. Sega is doing everything right for Sonic Generations. It looks like it’ll be the best Sonic game this generation by some distance (hence the name! Perhaps) and it doesn’t seem like a Sonic game being led by a flawed marketing checklist demanding edgy new characters. It’ll be buried under an avalance of quality elsewhere but this one deserves a look.

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  • Red Cap

    “Sega have still have to put younger Sonic in there, because it wouldn’t be a modern Sonic game without there being at least one god-awful idea in there”

    How is Classic Sonic a bad idea? He plays just like he does in the classic so how is that bad?

  • Ryan King

    Because it’s unnecessary. Why can’t Sonic go through the classic Sonic as himself? If that makes sense.

  • Red Cap

    “Because it’s unnecessary. Why can’t Sonic go through the classic Sonic as himself? If that makes sense”

    But you see, Classic Sonic’s classic gameplay (pinball physics, momentum based platforming) and design is what a lot of older fans wanted. Not to mention this game is a celebration of everything Sonic, and it’d be a shame if Classic Sonic wasn’t in here somewhere. He doesn’t play awful either.

  • Ryan King

    Oh yeah, I agree, the classic gameplay should be in there (for all the reasons you mentioned). I just don’t see why it can’t be the same Sonic doing the new stuff AND the old stuff as well. But it’s only a minor gripe really, I’m looking forward to SG and I haven’t said that about a Sonic game in a long, long time…