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3DS: why it’s made me want a PSP2 (or NGP, whatever)

3DS: why it’s made me want a PSP2 (or NGP, whatever)

This may seem a bit odd, as this is the offshoot blog of a PlayStation-only magazine, but bear with me – you’ll see the point. I was recently able to play a few 3DS games for the first time last week, and armed with this new knowledge I can safely say one thing: I’m looking forward to the PSP2 (NGP, whatever) more than ever now.

Don’t get me wrong – Nintendo’s new handheld is clearly the work of voodoo practitioners, cramming the ability to beam 3D lasers directly into your brainbox into such a small space as it does. It’s nifty and it’s a neat gimmick that’s sure to help it sell very well indeed, especially if Nintendo’s recent track record is anything to go by.

But – and bear in mind this is from a couple of hour’s play, so it isn’t the deepest or most well-thought out opinions ever offered (perfectly suited for the internet then) – it didn’t come across as anything other than a gimmick. In fact after a while I opted to turn 3D completely off on Ridge Racer, as I found it was distracting me from having fun hurtling around corners and joining in every time the announcer said “it’s the final lap – hang in there!” (I am a nerd).

And therein lies the rub: from a personal perspective, the 3D is neat, but it’s little more than a gimmick from what I’ve seen. I’m sure developers will come up with some fancy tricks and visual effects, but can they really make a game that absolutely relies on 3D for you to be able to play it? What about the significant percentage of people around the world who can’t see 3D? It’s like the Xbox 360 hard drive situation – developers can’t require players to install data to their HD, which would help performance, as there’s still a significant proportion of the user base who physically cannot do this. Developers can’t make games that rely on 3D as there’s a significant number of potential players who just can’t see it, and so wouldn’t be able to play it. But that’s just the hooting opinion of a Sony fanboy, clearly.

All in all, it’s showed me that what I want from a handheld is a gaming device. Nothing gimmicky, nothing that doesn’t fit. Touch screens aside, the PSP2 fits this remit perfectly, and I can’t wait for it.

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  • David

    I really don’t see what the fuss is about with 3D. I can honestly say it hasn’t made me think I’d enjoy a film less in 2D. Avatar is actually only an average film at best when you don’t care about 3D one way or another.

  • DO’G

    i haven’t played it -obviously- myself but i agree its just a huge gimmick. its like buying a ford focus at 80k because it has better racing tires and racing performance… why would i care its not like i can do 100 mph on the M25 now can i. Its just like to 3DS why would i pay more for a dimple gimmick?? just doesn’t make sense,I’m still happy with the ds lite . bring on the NGP/PSP2.

  • Rob

    you got some info wrong the 3ds 3d aspect can be viewed by people who an not see in 3d……its to do with the sensoers its not proper 3d…so yes in way a gimmick but one that will sell…if sony continues with the expensive none backwards compatible device it will be the psp go all over again……im not trying to be a d*ck…im just hoping that sony learns from its mistake