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3D Is “Holy Grail of Gaming” Says Sony

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Speaking in a video posted on the US PlayStation blog, Sony’s head of marketing John Koller made it clear that 3D is at the centre of Sony’s future plans for the PS3 called it the “Holy Grail of gaming.” The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which has been taking place in Las Vegas over the last few days has been abuzz with talk of 3D with many companies showing of their latest tech in the area, but Sony is leading the charge.

“3D is the buzzword here [at CES] and that’s because it takes gaming much further, and the cycle of innovation that we’ve been trying to put into PS3 has landed us in a spot that puts us within the Holy Grail of gaming,” explained Koller. “It feels like you are ‘in’ the game now with 3D, and it’s fantastic.” Furthermore Koller repeated claims that the PS3 would only need a system update to become 3D ready.

“Out of the box, with PS3, you don’t have to do anything,” he said. “It’s gonna take just a simple firmware update which most people do regularly anyway, and that’s all it’s gonna take to accolade the PS3 to 3D gaming. It’s just a simple firmware update on the hardware… You will, however, have to have a 3D TV and the glasses to get the full experience and Blu-ray movies in 3D will require a separate firmware update, which will be required by the end of the year.”

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  • tom

    so i need to buy another tv to enjoy this wonderful idea, great. looks like i’ll have to get another credit card, or maybe i’ll just stick to my 1080p!