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3D Gaming To Hit PS3 This Summer?

3D Gaming To Hit PS3 This Summer?

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Sony has announced it will launch 3DTVs this Summer, leading to speculation that the PlayStation 3 could unleash it’s stereoscopic 3D capabilities then

The big theme of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is stereoscopic 3D – numerous TVs have been announced by various manufacturer’s, but significantly, Sony has also waded in with it’s own 3D HDTV line.

The LX900 range will arrive in the summer with sizes from 40 to 60-inch screens, and will do 1080p 3D via RealD’s shutter glasses system.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer has actively talked up Sony’s unique position as a company with expertise in every area of 3D. “Sony is the only company fully immersed in every link of the 3D value chain,” he said “We intend to take the lead [in the technology].”

With Wipeout HD demoed at last year’s show in 3D, a stereoscopic version of Gran Turismo 5 playable at CES 2010 as well as Sony keen to push 3D Blu-ray movies, it would seem that widespread 3D gaming on the PS3 this summer could become a very real possibility, with only a firmware update the current missing link.

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