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3 Exclusives That Could Save PlayStation

3 Exclusives That Could Save PlayStation

Don’t get us wrong: PS3’s doing pretty well these days. Considering this year it became the number two method of stealing money from people – behind stealing old people’s pedigree dogs – that’s pretty good.

Things are looking up, but for Sony to really open up a lead on Microsoft, it needs these three games.

Street Cleaning Simulator

The tag line for this game is ‘Give dirt the brush-off’. If this doesn’t make you nostalgic for the days when you yearned to drive a shitty car-thing slowly enough to enrage anyone behind it – before you sold out and became a lawyer or whatever – then we don’t know what can.

Trucks and Trailers

Boasting that it’s ‘from the developers of EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR’, we have no doubts that T&T will successfully evoke the thrill of being away from your family for days at a time, constantly on the edge of lapsing from microsleep into full blown narcolepsy and killing everyone else on the road.

Actually, that sounds like a load of fun.

Garbage Truck Simulator

Yeah, this is real. Remember the opening of Arnie classic Commando, where some mercenaries pretended to be garbage men and killed that guy when he came out to help them?

Yeah, you can’t do that here. Instead you get to sit around as people no better than you cast aspersions on your lifestyle. Glory, eh?

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  • Stuart Hammond

    These masterpieces are the sort of games that i as a student game designer can only dream of recreating.
    In an additional side note i actually have Euro truck simulator and out of all truck simulators I have ever played (okay it’s just that one) it is most defiantly the one i find the most exhilarating. I must add though no collection is complete without Bus Simulator even after countless traffic violations one cannot simply put this game down.
    I was lucky to snap both of these up for a total cost of £2; A bargain I shall never regret.

  • Enough to make me want to trade in my 360. Glad Commando got a namecheck there – to this day I keep expecting my bin man to bust out a Mac 10.