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2011’s Best Thing In PlayStation Land

2011’s Best Thing In PlayStation Land

skyrim game of the year 2011 ps3

It’s our last day at Play before the Christmas break, so as is tradition (one I’ve just invented), let’s look at the absolute best thing to happen in PlayStation during the Queen’s year of 2011.

The best thing is: well, it’s Skyrim, isn’t it? It has to be. For all the Good Things that have come about in 2011, the best thing is Skyrim. Even though it’s revealed itself to be a bit of technological dump on PS3. That’s ‘dump’ as in ‘poo’, by the way.

While the troubles have struck many of us – myself included – they haven’t actually stopped me from getting wholly stuck in to the latest in the Elder Scrolls series. Sure, after 100+ hours it would get choppy as all hell in Whiterun, and yes I hope Bethesda sorts it out and true it’s a complete cop out to not get utterly furious at the company for releasing something so fundamentally flawed as Skyrim on PS3.

But I still love it. I still think it’s the best thing to happen to PlayStation in 2011. And I still put more time into it than any other game this year (excepting Football Manager on PC, but that doesn’t really count as it’s not a game, it’s just my crack).

Nothing else was as utterly mesmerising; nothing else dragged players in and gave them all such vastly different experiences. Chat to a few people who’ve played the game and everyone will have at least one unique story, regardless of how similar their character is to yours or how they’ve done the same missions as you.

I was walking along a mountain path only to be confronted by a dead horse, slowly sliding down the road towards me. I stepped to one side to let it continue its journey and decided to make my way to the summit, hoping to find what it was that had caused this frankly bizarre and morbid equestrian encounter. At the top of the incline I was confronted by: nothing. At all. An empty space. No bodies, no arrows, no bandits, no frost trolls with fresh horse juice on their lips. Eerie emptiness.

How did this horse die? Where was its corpse going? Who owned it? Did they know it was dead? So many questions, absolutely no answers, a unique story all of my own.

Skyrim is the best thing about 2011.

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  • ant

    1 hit killing an ancient dragon with my thousand damage greatsword is my favourite bit of skyrim so far. And the random weird jester I met while exploring was a bit random but entertaining all the same. On the other hand I wad looking in my saved data utility and found 36 corrupted game saves from all the crashes, a grand total of nearly 100mb of corrupt data. So I’ve Hung up my adventuring gear until its properly fixed, my ps3 does not deserve the risk of total system failure at the hands of another bethesda glitch fest.