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11 PSOne Games You Haven’t Played

11 PSOne Games You Haven’t Played

Sure, it’s an extension of the You Never Played This section we have in the actual mag but the difference with that is at the very least we have played those games featured. As for these 11 games? Someone’s played them. Perhaps. We just don’t know who. Sure as hell isn’t us.

Chocolate Kiss

Yes! Chocolate Kiss! We have no idea what this is other than it appears to be based on a Japanese anime series of some sort. And we don’t know what a chocolate kiss is. We know what a Glaswegian kiss but there aren’t any Japanese animes based on those. Shame really.

Salaryman Champ

A game so obscure, we couldn’t even find the boxart for it, only the back. Why would someone only scan in the back and not the front? Hopefully this doesn’t lead to someone spending more than two minutes looking for the Salaryman Champ cover on Google Image Search – say, someone spending three minutes looking for it or something – and then posting it in the comments section while shouting about how lazy we are. If that happens, we’re stealing the cover, deleting the comment and updating this article. Journalism!

Twilight Syndrome

Hahaha Robert Pattinson hahaha Twilight references that aren’t actually jokes hahaha emo vampires lololol. Now that’s out the way – there were four games in this series, which were text-based survival horror games set in a school hall. We’re not really sure how that works. Reading ‘scary monster approaching’ isn’t quite the same as watching a skinless mutant with 20 arseholes leaping at you from the ceiling. Not that we have experience of this but, you know. Just call it accurate guesswork.

The Adventures of Robin LLoyd

No, it’s not supposed to be The Adventures of Robin Hood. We have checked, double checked and triple checked. This Japanese release is definitely based on Robin Lloyd, who is a detective who solves puzzles taking part in a detective/puzzle game. It wouldn’t make sense for them to have created that character and then put him in a FPS. Still, this obviously isn’t that obscure – there are YouTube videos of it and everything.

Neko na Kankei

So obscure, Google could only barf up this pixellated mess when we looked for the cover. Neko means cat in Japanese, which explains that part of the cover. So ‘na Kankei’ presumably means ‘pixellated mess’ because this is clearly what the cover looks like and not someone uploading the cover after scanning it in Photoshop and accidentally saving it under the wrong setting. We prefer that explanation to wondering why a dating sim mentions cat in its title. We’re pretty sure that sort of thing is illegal here. And Japan. And everywhere.

Project V6

Oh, Project V6? Pray tell, what is this? A shmup? Racing game? Vib Ribbon style music title? Or, er, a dating sim starring Japanese boyband V6? Oh. Oh right. It’s that one isn’t it. Sigh.

Sister Princess

Another one based on a Japanese manga, Wikipedia informs us that it’s a dating sim focusing on a guy who lives with 12 sisters. He’s not related to them, in case you’re thinking… you know, that, but the sisters are all related to each other. Even so, he only finds out that he’s not their brother in the special ‘non-blood relation’ ending. Which makes you wonder what he’s doing for the rest of the game flirting with who he thinks are his sisters. Hmmm. This might be why dating sims never made it out West.

Ultraman Zearth

You’ll have heard of Ultraman. Even so, have you played Ultraman Zearth? You’ll get 50 Cool Points from Play if you have, after a few disbelieving looks and ‘why?’ questions. This game was based on the Ultraman Zearth and neither of them were released here in the West. If we had to suffer Power Rangers, we don’t see why we couldn’t have had another shouty anime-influenced superhero in a rubber suit and costume inflicted upon us as well, but what the hell do we know? We work in the Writing About Things industry, not marketing.

Eexy Life: East End x Yuri

What? Seriously though. What?

Cyber Egg: Battle Champ

It’s a spin-off of Digimon, which was a rip-off of Pokemon, which was probably a rip-off of something else but did well enough that it sold 800 billion copies rather than just eight, so no-one remembers that game. We’re onto you Nintendo. Bastards. The point? Being a spin-off of a rip-off and only ever being released in one country means finding the relevant info to fill out this section is hard enough, let alone expecting someone to have actually played it.

Cat The Ripper

Our personal favourite, there are loads of entries for Cat The Ripper on t’internet but no-one actually seems to know what it is or even hint at what it could be. Anyone care to shed some light? The above picture shows that someone out there did own a copy at some point, so someone knows…

  • i’ve played cyber egg! it’s pretty good!


    “Neko na Kankei” is a visual novel game in which the player takes the role of a normal highschool student’s life who always seems to carry only 30 Yen (US$0.25) with you. Then, one day, he found a stone which looks exactly like a cat’s eye. With that, his normal highschool student’s life changed a little. The stone has the magical ability to change him into a cat and back whenever he wants.

    According to Serina, the owner of the stone, he has to wear the stone for 74 days and use it consistently, otherwise bad luck will fall upon him. In additional to that, bad luck will fall upon him if he uses the stone for evil. So, he use it in his quest of learning more about girls.

    The game is a event-based visual novel type of game and part of a popular genre in Japan, Ren’ai (Romantic Love) genre. The only voice actress that I can recognize is Kuwashiwa Houko-san. Her popular roles are Yurika-chan of Nadesico and Suzune-chan of Tokimeki Memorial.

    One game lasts for 10 weeks. Each week is divided into 7 days. Sundays are designated for dates. From Monday to Saturday, you will go to school with a small probability of meeting a girl on your way to school.

    From Monday to Friday, when it is Lunch time, you will choose to go to a place in school where you think the girl might be at and if the girl is there, you can have a event with her. After school, you can either choose to stay at school to search for your target girl or go out to town to get events at a certain place in town. After all, some girls are working part-time jobs.

    Most of those events are random, so it is very frustrating when you cannot meet the girl. However, you can limit the places to those places that the girl is most likely to be at. For example, Chiharu-chan is most likely to be in her classroom, at the school hallway or at the school entrance. If you get a girl to like you enough, you will get automatic special event.

    Saturday is exactly the same as Monday through Friday, except there is no lunch time (as Saturday is half school day). Instead, during recess, you will ask the girl of your choice on a date the next day (Sunday). You will fail if you did not get the girl to like you enough.

    In the evening from Monday to Saturday, you will turn yourself into a cat and visit a girl’s house. Most of the time, you just need to listen to what the girl has in her mind currently.

    On Sunday, depending whether there is a special occasional or not, you have different kind of dates. If there is no special occasion, you will get to choose three date spots to go to. In additional to that, you must not choose to go to the same date spot, otherwise the girl might get angry and leave you half way. Of course, you choose REALLY bad response, the girl will leave you, as well.If there is special occasion like the night festival, you just follow the flow of the events and you do not need to choose date spots to go to.

    After any date, the girl will tell you how much she enjoyed the date and for some girls, if they have feelings for you, they will allow you to walk home with them.

    Manufacturer’s description:

    Cat is the game adventure heroine suddenly approached. New communication and visit the house turned into a cat girl “system cat” with. Because cats can see, a lot can be! Famous or surprising in school show no absolute truth, and worries. Their true feelings and her …! ?

    First person perspective.
    2D graphics
    Cartoon graphics
    Fantasy, Dating & Anime themes.


    In Cat the Ripper 13 Ninme No Tanteishi the player’s character wakes up diizy and confussed in Christopher Browning (a private detective) office until he discovers that next to him is the the corpse of the detective that was killed by the mysterious murderer called Cat the Ripper. Now is up for the player to discover the truth an try to catch that killer.

    The gameplay is the usual in the first person adventures. Meet characters, talk to them, use objects to advance in the game, etc.

    Sherlock Holmes style mystery adventure on the hunt of a muderer in a parallel universe twentieth century England