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£108 for DJ Hero

£108 for DJ Hero


Word is spreading about the UK price point for Activision’s upcoming rhythm action game DJ Hero and it’s not happy reading.

According to retailers the RRP on DJ Hero is currently set at £107.99. Many stores are already choosing to cut that down to a little under £100, seemingly fearing that an RRP over a hundred pounds is going to scare gamers away.

We have to say that the turntable peripheral looked very nice when we saw it prior to E3  and could well have cost a pretty penny to produce, but whether or not it makes sense to pass that cost on so heavily to the consumer will have to be seen. We’ll keep you updated as news of this unfolds.

Via Kotaku

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  • Req

    It’s gotta be priced similarly to Guitar Hero surely. Does most of it even do anything apart from the 3 buttons and the mixer?