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10 Best Games You Won’t Play This Year

10 Best Games You Won’t Play This Year

Quite rightly, the talk in games right now is of Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and the 50 million other (rounded up) (approximately) (maybe be inaccurate) games coming out before the end of the year. The quality on show is staggering. Finding the time and the money for the games we want is a nice problem to have.

But it’s not as if quality gaming is going to be over and done with when 2012 kicks off as we climb out of a Bournemouth gutter with a stinking hangover. So what’s on the cards beyond 2011? Here are the top 10 titles to look forward to…

BioShock: Infinite

It’s been brewing away in the Irrational chambers for a while now and you know Ken Levine won’t accept anything that isn’t interesting, unique or challenging. BioShock proved there’s more to FPS gaming than endless military FPS clones and better yet, proved there’s room in the genre for an intelligent, considered approach to the genre. Seeing how BioShock Infinite betters that is definitely one of the big questions to be answered next year.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Speaking of brewing away for a while, this has been at Gearbox longer than some of its staff. In truth, it’s not a delayed or troubled project – the incredibly early announcement was due to a rush of blood to Gearbox’s head thanks to their enthusiasm, which is why the project seemed to be off the radar for so long – and what we’ve seen of the game so far looks incredible. If the co-op stands up, this will be huge.

Tomb Raider

Reboots are nothing new anymore, in the brave new world of videogames circa 2011-2012. It’s easy to be cynical about publishers looking to save their brands after spending mountains of cash marketing them for over a decade but if it results in a better game, does it really matter to be cynical about it? Not in the case of Tomb Raider, which will offer a genuinely different spin on the tired formula thanks to the influence of survival horror and emphasis on vulnerability over heroics.

Street Fighter x Tekken

Capcom is rushing more fighting games to the market than anyone can deal with but in Street Fighter x Tekken, two things that mark it out as a very unique project. First is how the Tekken characters fit in a Street Fighter system. They all play very differently when made with six buttons in mind and have all needed reconstructive surgery to fit along Street Fighter faces. More importantly, Pandora mode, which turns any character into an evil, final-shot-at-glory alternate version of themselves. Shin Dhalsim? Day one, baby.


We would describe it as one of the most polarising games out there but that would suggest an exaggerated response on both sides of the love/hate divide. As it stands, having gone from no real expectations with a title almost everyone loved in Enslaved, it’s now gone to a known series with a game almost everyone is braced to hate in DmC. The stylish environments and attempt at inserting themes suggests quality lies underneath the surface but it’s the combat where DmC will live or die.

Prototype 2

It’s not garnered too much attention yet, as Activision is throwing its marketing muscle behind Call of Duty, but that will change once Modern Warfare 3 hits the shelves. Prototype 2 will build on the promise of the original, which hinted at great potential yet didn’t quite make the leap it needed to stand out. With a darker theme and promise to focus on making destruction more fun, this is the sleeper hit of 2012.

Dragon’s Dogma

While producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi is busy shouting an anyone who will listen that DRAGON’S DOGMA DOESN’T HAVE MULTIPLAYER, its absence has turned this into an unusual experiment. Namely, the pawns system. The short version is that your AI companions can be lent out and borrowed to other players, with experience they’ve learnt of new areas and fighting creatures brought back to your game. Sounds awesome but will it work? We’ll have to see because we’ve heard it might not have multiplayer, or something.

Mass Effect 3

As the final part of the Mass Effect trilogy, there are a lot of questions that have to be answered. If it took Shepard an entire game to stop a single Reaper (Mass Effect 1), how does he stop an entire Reaper invasion? Are Cerberus good or bad? Will the Rachni play a part in the fate of humanity? Will BioWare lean towards action or RPG for the final instalment? We can’t wait to find out the answers.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

“It’s like Final Fantasy XIII without the bad bits!” is pretty much how Square-Enix is selling this one, acknowledging that the linear build-up was perhaps a little bit too excessive and too restrictive, opting for a more traditional approach here. Not that it’s all traditional – the combat system remains untouched for the most part while time travel (!) will also feature heavily. Square-Enix has been listening to fan feedback following Final Fantasy XIII and this is the result.

Asura’s Wrath

Because watch the above. See?

  • Kieran

    Max Payne 3 maybe?

  • final fantasy 13 – 2 looks awful! i know it’s sounds insane but its as if the graphics are too good! someone, maybe this magazine, described ff13 as a polished rock, full of stunning graphics, almost perfect, but lacking all the more. ffx was the last great final fantasy… it had everything ff13 didn’t … charecters you liked… a genuine story that drawed you in, where you remembered peoples names and places… there was a genuine plot too where you had to go from a to b, and in that journey the game fleshed out the charecters. there was a humbleness too despite the juxtaposition of machines and sc-fi imagery, where little stalls selling potions in the middle of no where felt like a big deal and finding an inn off the beating track filled you with joy! the only saving grace 13-2 has is that it continues on from 13. to start again with new charecters just wouldnt work. there are simply too many worlds and charecters in the franchise to start all over again and have to devote your time and heart to. big problem is that 13 was awful and the charecters were the worst thing about it! no one was interesting, no one was enjoyable and no one felt human!