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Worst Games On Vita



First, a disclaimer: coming up with a list of rubbish Vita games was actually pretty tough. Sony’s rad handheld has quietly amassed a library of quality titles, from big-budget triple-A stuff to a huge amount of great indie stuff. Still, there is some tat hidden away in there, so without further ago, here is a quintet of the most pants games on Vita…


Okay, this one was easy. Black Ops Declassified is a joke, an atrocious attempt at bringing the bombastic action of COD to a handheld. From a campaign that was literally //minutes// long (you could finish it under an hour, easy), to awful touch-screen controls, terrible multiplayer map design and a huge amount of bugs, Declassified was an utter mess. The fact it was the second best-selling game on the Vita in 2012 should make you hang your head in shame and weep for the future of this pitiful race.




psv-r-fighters-ss2REALITY FIGHTERS

A perfect example of a naff game designed quickly to show off a gimmick, Reality Fighters let you take a photo of your own face to become a character in the game. There’s a huge amount of customization for your character, with over 400 items of clothing that affect both your look and gameplay, but none of that matters if the game is crap – and trust us, it’s crap. With a bunch of great fighting games on Vita (get Blazblue), why would you waste your time with this?




2068098-rrvita10RIDGE RACER

It’s been a PlayStation tradition to launch with a Ridge Racer game, at least until the PS4… and this might have been the reason the tradition is no longer. Ridge Racer on Vita was a demo, and a sparse one at that, that happened to cost full price. The bare-bones presentation and lack of content was appalling, and when you add in a terrible online mode that had higher-level players DRIVING FASTER, you have a right shit game.





psv-silenthill-bom-ss1SILENT HILL: BOOK OF MEMORIES

When you think of Silent Hill, what comes to mind? Top-down action RPG? Wait, what do you mean no? Book Of Memories wasn’t as bad as the other games here, but it’s more what it did for the series that makes us upset. This is as far from the survival-horror brilliance of the original games as one could possibly get, and it makes us sad. On its own merits, it’s a mediocre action-RPG, but as a Silent Hill game, it’s a travesty. Why, Konami?


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  • MG7317

    I liked Ridge racer, I even platinumed it. Not many racing games gives me a challenge and hunting for the trophies was fun.

    Instead I vote for Soundshapes. One good Beck song, zero gameplay.