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Will Europeans always hate Twisted Metal?

Will Europeans always hate Twisted Metal?


It might surprise American gamers reading this that the Twisted Metal series has never sold much in Europe, just as it might have surprised some Europeans that the announcement of the series’ PS3 debut was such a big part of Sony’s E3 presentation. Aside from sports games, it’s pretty unusual for a title to shift about ten times as many copies in one major western territory than in the other, but while Twisted Metal has typically sold a couple of million in the US, it’s only managed a couple of hundred thousand here. As a European and a huge fan of the series, I find this weird and hard to explain. So I asked some other Europeans, namely other writers around the office – why don’t Europeans love Twisted Metal? And what can be done to make Europeans love Twisted Metal?

Quickest on the reply button was 360 magazine’s Peter Gothard,

“It all stems from my unimaginatively clichéd fear of clowns, I’m afraid. Same reason I can’t watch Charlie Chalk without pooing myself.”

Charlie Chalk is an old British animated series for kids about a clown whose hair is not on fire. Pete is clearly an incontinent wuss. Next in the inbox, PLAY’s very own Ian Dransfield, a lifelong Twisted Metal fan,

“Europeans don’t love Twisted Metal because they’re all in denial. They think they like more ‘mature’ or ‘deep’ games, when actually they all secretly love blowing stuff up with cars/missiles/JCBs. Idiots. Tell them to get over it and just embrace Twisted Metal for the great fun it is. Arrogant bastards.”

It’s true that people in Europe say they’re put off by Twisted Metal’s apparent crudeness, and a certain snobbery towards Americans comes with that. Doesn’t it, GamesTM’s Luke Albigés?

“Americans love it for the same reason they love Mortal Kombat – it’s simple, barbaric, lowest common denominator violence that takes no more than three functioning brain cells to understand, freeing up the rest to think about the important things in life, like cheeseburgers, guns and college football.”

Tongue-in-cheek though it might be, there’s some truth to this comment (Mortal Kombat sells in Europe about a quarter of what it does in the US), but Luke goes on to point out that part of the problem is that a lot of Europeans just don’t get exactly what kind of game Twisted Metal is,

“I also think a lot of people need to step back from the concept and come at it from a different angle. It’s not so much a car combat game as a slippery third person shooter and a pretty damn fun one at that – I think more people would enjoy it if it was billed as such. Multiplayer has always been a real focus of the series for me too, so I think Sony showing that exclusively at its conference was a great move.”

Samuel Roberts, of Sci-Fi Now fame, is up next with more cultural boundaries along with a bit of optimism for Twisted Metal’s future on the PS3,

“I don’t think it’s that Europeans dislike Twisted Metal, it’s more that the game taps into a very pro-American, Monster Truck and Grindhouse cinema mentality that doesn’t necessarily translate to audiences in this continent. I think all it’ll take is a good marketing push and a decent set of review scores. The importance of exclusives seems to have escalated, this generation, with almost everything being multi-platform – Sony devotees will just appreciate the fact that it’s exclusive to their console.”

Finally, here’s PLAY bossman, the lovely Keith Hennessey, highlighting the one thing that, more than anything, could bring about a turnaround in Twisted Metal’s European fortunes,

“I think the rise in PS3’s multiplayer online gaming will help its cause no end as there is now an established audience already waiting to kill each other in more hilariously brutal ways.”

Now all this article needs is some comments from some US gamers. So come on then American chums – tell your European cousins why Twisted Metal is such an exciting announcement.

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  • alexc

    we love twisted

  • The Americans love blowing pancakes up and shooting things. However, I’m British and I love blowing pancakes up, lol.
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • chrissyg

    Umm… I’m European, and I’ve never heard of Twisted Metal until the E3 announcement lol. I don’t think us “Europeans” hate Twisted Metal, we just haven’t seen it, EVER. As a kid, I never saw anything about it lol, it’s because of the low marketing that we don’t see the great fuss. It did look awesome at E3 though, and I think this will encourage “Europeans” to look at the whole franchise, if available.

  • SwisherP

    Twisted Metal is as American as apple pie. Disliking TM is like flag burning: the cops might not arrest you, but sooner or later someone is going to give you a good ‘ol fashion country fried ass whoopin.

  • xino


    this is why Sony’s conference did not win!
    did we go there for comedy or for games?
    I love Kevin Bulter but, come on son! We came here for gaming news not comedy!

    show us games not Twisted Metal which no body gives a fark about.
    Most people even preferred Syphon Fliter