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Why PS4’s Project Morpheus Will Fail

Why PS4’s Project Morpheus Will Fail

Every month in Play Magazine, we take a hot topic and look at the arguments for and against. The future of VR and Project Morpheus is the subject of debate this time. We start with Retro Gamer editor Darran Jones on why Project Morpheus is destined to be yet another gimmick. Next week, we’ll have the counter argument on why VR is the future. 


I’m a gaming dinosaur (42-years old in case you’re asking) and I’ve seen a lot of different doobries when it comes to videogames. I saw the very first commercial videogame in its native habitat (Pong, in case you’re asking) witnessed the rise of the 8-bit micro and was there on the front seats when the consoles came into power. I’ve seen a lot of jib-jobs, some good and some bad. I’ve also seen a lot of gimmicks, and that’s what I’m seeing with Project Morpheus, another gimmick that will no doubt be impressive, but will inevitably take away from what I love about videogames.


It’s important to remember that while all you youngsters are getting all flushed and excited about Project Morpheus, I’ve already seen and experienced virtual reality when it first came around. It had all the issues then that Project Morpheus is also going to encounter – namely a decent array of games and an effective, sensible cost. I’d love to say Sony is going to sidestep those problems, but as it’s currently in full arrogance mode, it’s going to make exactly the same mistakes. History repeats itself you see. And after working on Retro Gamer for the past 10 years you see the same patterns appear over and over again.


Now I’ve not played on Project Morpheus, but I have experienced Oculus Rift. It’s good, f**king good in fact, but it’s not without its share of issues. It’s extremely power intensive, requiring an expensive PC to get games running at that magic 60fps and it made me feel a little nauseas after around ten minutes of play. Now that’s no good for me. I don’t want to feel ill playing a videogame, and I don’t want to fall off a f**king chair because I’m so immersed in a videogame that I’m prepared to potentially damage myself, and I certainly don’t want my core gaming experience broken because of a shonky frame-rate (which will inevitably happen when you consider how many AAA PS4 games struggle to hit a consistent 30FPS. Most of all though I don’t want to pay up to £300 for a f**king peripheral, which in this day and age is a joke of epic proportions. Now I know that a firm price hasn’t been given yet and speculation is between £200 and £300, but even £200 feels too much for a device that you know won’t be properly supported and I’m betting £300, because let’s face it, Sony is a big corporation and big corporations are greedy.


And why do I know that it won’t be properly supported? Because I’ve been gaming for over 35 years and peripherals rarely, if ever get support once the publisher has got its money. Take Kinect for example, it’s been an astonishing success in terms of sales, but where are the fricking games now? Where is Kinect now? Up Microsoft’s arse, that’s where. When it comes to Project Morpheus, I’ve not been impressed by many of the games on show so far, so unless there’s some sort of take on Africa where I can photograph animals and birds to my heart’s content, I’m unlikely to jump blindly in.


I was immersed in a maze as Pac-Man in 1996 and was battling giant Mechs at London’s Trocadero in the mid Nineties, so I just can’t get excited about doing the same thing with slightly better visuals and built-in motion control in today’s world. But as I said, I’m a gaming dinosaur in videogame terms so what do I know? Everything that’s what.

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  • Mike G

    This would have been a good article if it wasn’t for the completely unecesary profanty. It added no value to what was supposed to be a balanced debate. Instead it made the author sound like a typical angry fanboy – with a Sony bias (there was no need to reference Microsoft’s Kinect while completely ignoring Sony’s Move as examples of unsupported peripherals – it is a Sony focused article after all).

    The points raised about the cost of VR, as well as the frame rate and motion sickness issues are very valid arguments which stand on their own merits as reasons why VR may not succeed. However the author needs to be able to have these types of balanced debates without sounding like a pre-pubescent teenager. 42 years old you say… you sure don’t sound like it.

    You lost credibility when you suggested that the graphical fidelity of games today are “slightly better” than pac-man! Seriously?! Was that the summary of your experience with the Oculus Rift?

    Play-Mag ,please get someone who is genuinely intersted in the debate to write your articles.

  • Joe Hetherington

    1 of the major benefits of Morpheus that I haven’t heard about from anybody that can be implemented into every game is Depth. Now I’m not a scientist but if you cover 1 eye your Depth perception is off and when playing FIFA on my tv it’s not always evident when the ball is in the air how near or far the ball is because there is no Depth on a TV. With FIFA on Morpheus EA can now ad Depth by putting another view however far away for depth to work like your eyes as can every other Developer out there making games more immersive.

    While playing 1st Person view games are immersive actually feeling like you are in that world with Morpheus is a Virtual Reality and the benefits of that to the gaming industry haven’t even emerged yet. Call of Duty is good but you’re looking at a screen, with Morpheus you’ll literally be in a map. Yes you’ll only be looking at 2 smaller screens but they will be all you can see breaking the barrier between you in your living room and you in a map. That alone is going to be pretty cool.

    The Morpheus doesn’t need special support for it to be a success, It just needs developers to adjust 1 screen and then a Depth perception and Virtual Reality are possible which will only ad to gaming experiences.

    Regarding motion sickness i seen a video that showed how adding a common element in both screens which in the video were sides of a nose actually prevented motion sickness. If you cover 1 eye and look at your nose that was all they added.

    While I’m not completely sold on Morpheus and the price will play a factor on me getting 1 the benefits to the gaming industry are undeniable.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    2005. 10’000.

    are the numbers to remember.

    since 2005, there were at least 10’000 doom and gloom articles about Sony, only Sony and nothing but Sony.
    How many hundreds articles were there, asking people not to pre order a psvita. How many articles were there, asking people not to buy the expensive ps3? How many articles ’20 reasons why the psvita will flop’. Or how many articles saying ‘why you should avoid the ps3, and buy the x360 instead? ‘
    Sony removes the ‘OtherOS’ feature from the past, to avoid being massively hacked, a feature maybe less than 1 gamer out of 10’000 would use : another ton of negative articles, from major websites. Of course, everybody in the US wanted Sony to flop.
    another great ps4 exclusive releases: another countless articles telling people not to order The order 1886. Suddenly, QTE ‘s became the worst thing in video games.

    Meanwhile, micro soft releases a flawed rushed ready-to-die-in-2-months xbox360, with the rrod ready to work, among other huge issues… and barely nobody talks about it, to avoid gamers moving to the ps3. Still today, a search like RROD on game spot, will return 0 results. Like they wanted to hide a dark piece of history.

    of course, we can understand why those websites, journalists, forums, reviews, etc, would always praise the xbox brand, and would always bash Sony, give low scores to Sony exclusives, bash Sony hardware, give lower scores than the xbox versions, like a 8.4/10 for thé ps3 version, and 8.5/10 to the xbox360 version: millions gamers rely on those websites, and will pick the version with the highest score. Etc etc.


    well, it’s easy to understand.
    Why, would the American websites, journalists, reviews, etc etc, give a higher score to a ps3 or ps4 console/version…?
    why would those American websites give a 9/10 score to the far superior ps4, and give a 8 or 7.5/10 to the Xbox1?
    why would they give a higher score to the ps4 version? Remember last gen, where the ps3 versions were analysed through a microscope, just to spot that little ugly texture, so the ps3 score is inferior? Remember that?
    well, strangely, this gen, a far superior 1080p60fps with great anti aliasing and much better shadows and textures call of duty ghosts ps4 version got the same score as the far inferior 720p60fps low texture and lowanti aliasing quality x1 version. Funny, huh? Those websites don’t want a foreigner ps3/ps4 console to score better than the X box brand. For sure.


    well, why would the American press, all websites, journalists, reviews, etc, praise the foreigner ps3 ps4 brand?
    Just like why Japanese would give higher scores to the X box brand…
    of course, America, Americans and the American press want their national brand to succeed. That’s why the X box console and games will always get a higher score. Always. That’s why ign, games pot, etc, have hidden the rrod issues, even if they knew dozens millions innocent gamers, parents, kids, we’re going home with a soon-to-die xbox360.

    That’s why hiphopgamer, who happened to enjoy and like ps3 games, and the Sony brand, and would give the high reviews and scores the ps3 games would deserve, was banned from n4g, just to make him dissappear from the industry. American industry, that is supposed to support national brands, instead of Japanese ones.

    tell me, how many articles could we read, from ign, gamespot, polygon, etc, that would praise the fantastic ps4 sales?

    where are the articles praising the great ps4 hardware?

    where are the articles praising the incredible amount of ps4 titles, exclusives titles, Etc?

    Where are the articles praising bloodborne on ps4, a game most people call game of the decade, where?

    sure, the less the American press praise the Sony brand and the ps4, the more exposure the X box 1 will have.

    is it normal, if we can read 500 articles that claim the project morpheus will flop? Of course it is.

  • Poor PS Poor people

    $0N¥ = lies, overhype and underdeliver.

  • Poor PS Poor people

    $0N¥ doesn’t deserve praise, they suckered millions of hype sensitive people into buying weak low end AMD hardware.

  • Poor PS Poor people

    Morpheus doesn’t have eye tracking like FOVE, which will help with depth perception and motion sickness.
    It’s a cheap experience.

  • Guest

    Well, it will fail, no doubt about it, like nearly every Sony peripheral out there.
    It’s the VR device with the lowest specs and has a console device powering it that can’t even properly hit a stable 60fps in most games. Hoping for reprojection tech to fix that is a waste.
    Personally, I’d wait for this VR thing to blow over, like it surely will because of cost and still being in its infancy.
    Buying into a poor experience because of hype is exactly what will keep people away from the tech in the future.

  • vongruetz .

    I get a very different feeling with Morpheus and VR in general than the other gaming peripherals that have come out recently. The others changed the way you interacted with the game. Moving your arms and flailing your legs seems like a cool idea in theory, but at the end of the day people just want to chill out on the couch and play a game. Morpheus seems to provide a completely new experience that significantly enhances games without changing your interaction too much.

    I can see this taking off significantly if handled right. And then I can see the non-gaming applications of its use to be even more significant.

  • BoyBigEyes

    Ok… everyone already understand you born just to take down Sony. Why you don’t try something else? You don’t have a girlfriend? Or a job? Why just waste all of your time in try destroy Sony?

  • BoyBigEyes

    That is so true! And sad… :/

  • Joe Hetherington

    Gotta love PC gamers condescension, ” You mere console gamers and your pathetic excuse for game machines, My $50,000 PC can render games at 1000 FPS at 1,000,000p 10 years ago “

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    sony and microsoft have choosen “weak” hardware, because they wanted to sell their systems as cheap as possible. because of the kids that kept whining and whining, because consoles are “expensive”. but those idiots that would want to buy a playstation 5 or xbox II for 49$, are the same idiots that will spend 700$ on an ipad, 700$ on an iphone, and will buy a mac book-mac book pro, that will cost two times more than “standard” brand.

    of course, sony couldn’t afford selling another console at 500$, when it would cost them 800 to make.

    just look at whant sony did with the ps3: they went full R&D mode, with cell, bluray, etc, and when the ps3 was released, it was much more powerful than most pcs.

    if sony had released a 700$ ps4, i am sure we would have 10-15 times more power than today.
    we would have 12 -16 Gb of gddr5, probably, 128 or 256Mb of esram, on 1024/2048 bits parallel bus, at least 1 Tb of hd, a much much powerful gpu, and a custom 24-36 cores cpu, at 2.5GHz. probably, a few extra chips, like some hardware antialiasing processor, that would just apply a MSAA 8x or 16x + other antialiasing processing, just before the frame goes out via the hdmi port.

    with that, today, we would have 1080p60fps, with 10 times better visuals than today. imagine 10 times better lighting and textures, on infamous ss…

    but no, because kids want to buy next-gen consoles for 50$ only, sony and microsoft had to choose average components.

    i would prefer spending 600 or 700$ for a ps4 or x1, and have 10 times better visuals than today, than buying it for “only” 399$.

    if sony don’t deserve praise, who does ? microsoft ?