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Who Else Could Be Developing BioShock Games?

bioshockAccording to Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick speaking in a conference call to investors yesterday, the BioShock franchise could find itself in the hands of a different development team as it attempts to expand the brand. “We do intend to support it; doesn’t necessarily have to be at 2K Marin, but we do intend to support the franchise,” he said. And that begs the question who could take on Rapture and give us something interesting. Here are our picks.

Starbreeze – These consistent makers of dark and brooding shooters continue to knock out a series of solid, often touching on excellent, shooters. With their hands on a world that is already as rich as BioShock’s we would imagine Starbreeze would go to town giving us the darkest and most terrifying game in the series so far.

Gearbox – After its fantastic efforts making Borderlands it’s clear that with time and backing Gearbox can put together fantastically imaginative and involving games. Its take on the idea of he FPS RPG was a little more traditional than how BioShock has attempted it, but its open world credentials would be a huge benefit. Gearbox also seems to have a close relationship with 2K, which is a bonus.

Bethesda – But if we’re talking about open world gaming then it’s hard to look past Bethesda after Fallout 3 and Oblivion. If you really wanted to turn BioShock into an epic RPG game then this would be the team to hand it to. Attempting to¬† mix up the genres in which BioShock resides would also be a good way to keep the franchise feeling fresh. Who says BioShock has to be an FPS?

Rocksteady – And on that note, why not attempt to weave an action adventure game through the corridors and halls of Rapture. Rocksteady proved with Batman: Arkham Asylum that it works well within confined spaces and brooding atmospheres. We wouldn’t expect the Dark Knight to start taking on Big Daddies or anything, but Rocksteady’s approach to this sort of game could well well against the BioShock backdrop.

Traveller’s Tales – If you really want to expand the BioShock brand and reach new audiences (as well as make a good tie-in to the BioShock movie) then what you need is Lego BioShock. We’d play it and we’re sure all of you would too.

Original story via Kotaku

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